Changing the story

Courtesy Stephanie Jill Rudd.
This is an excerpt from a text by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Do we recognize from where this new story arises? Are we acknowledging and honoring the inner dimension from which all such world-changing stories are born?

We know the vital need for a new story, but are we seeking to change life without honoring the archetypal forces at work, the gods and goddesses that still reign in the depths of creation—without recognizing the primal world that is life’s inner source? If a story is not born from the inner world it will lack the power to effect any real change. It will speak just to our conscious selves, the surface layer of our being, rather than engaging us from the depths.

The stories of the past, the myths that shaped humanity, spoke to our individual and collective soul with the numinous and transformative power that comes from deep within.

The power of the archetypal, mythic world belongs to the river-beds of life that shape humanity.”

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