I walked the never-ending desert

of your barren dreams

I walked and walked…

For interminable ages…

With wings scorched


With weary soul

One late summer night

I saw a hint of trembling Light

It was not the innocent Moon

It was her golden tress

She was lavishly smiling

Near and afar

I knew…

Her sweet echo

had lastly saved me

A rough outline over modern man

Now, don´t be tempted to think that I was in a bad mood writing this – on the contrary, I was content in a state of great calm and joyous lucidity, being able to put in words what appears to be the diagnose of our age. Some of you may find my words rather harsh, appalling and hard to digest, but someone has to say the naked truth.

If we want something else, we´ll have to confront and deal with our present reality without deluding ourselves.

Modern man is

elusive, remarkably neurotic, self-absorbed, doubtful and insecure, vague, cynical, extremely stingy, always on the go, vain, – vanity is his religion – , fussy, stubborn, aggressive, infamous, arrogant, manipulative, dull, unpredictably violent, predictably fatuous, stunted, limited and limiting, slippery, uneducated, distorted, perverted and inverted, chaotic, dissimulating and irresponsible, yet trying hard “to save” the world.

Moreover, he is

flat, aloof, abrupt, callous, stupid, banal, false, superficial, untalented, shallow, uncreative, humorless, hollow, spiritually anorexic, self-infatuated, nasty, judgmental, restless, sufficient and narcissistic thus impossible to reach.

He isolates himself in his madness, hating his isolation – but at the same time desperately protecting it – he is frustrated and abandoned, stressed – going around his tail, being in a hurry to reach nowhere -, he is inhibited and inhibiting, he is afraid, his petty ego hating every true expression of passion, his icon is pornography, he is easily hurt, he is suspicious, ungrateful, parasitical – yet claiming to work hard -, bloated, lonely, cowardly, vulgar, unimaginative, ashamed of himself and utterly unhappy.

He has become a pitiful, incestuous caricature of himself, a control-loving dispassionate mother-fucker (see Oedipus) suffering of hubris.