The other way

It takes One to be two.

Quote of the day

It takes two to know One.

Gregory Bateson

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Everything is cause and effect. The effect has a thousand faces, the cause is One.

Meditation, dwelling in non-thinking

There is no thinking when you are one with yourself, when you are your primordial unity.

Consequently, when you identify with your thinking you let plurality invade your soul. Plurality is contradiction, the mother of all conflicts, therfore identifying with thinking is to welcome suffering.

You are not a sum of things, a sum of virtues or of attributes, you are the source from which all things arise. Source is transcendent but immediate, the “most real” reality, as it is timeless, free…

Be One, be your source!

Dwell in the pristine reality of ONE.


One word, one tone, one glance, one step … this singular moment…

All the rest is literature