Heed the small hints

…Cause the greatest of miracles hide in the inconspicuous…

Only when iIlusion is demystified, LOVE can arise.

Julien, I like the What of your posts, this is why I follow your blog. But the How often awakes my negative emotions and stops me from “liking”. For me Love means understanding without judging. I believe the only “no” that works is a firm “no” said from Love, from caring, from feeling equal with others. I don’t feel understanding reading your posts, I feel fighting and proving, I feel fear of ego that tries to keep you higher than others. This is not meant as announcing an objective truth, there are my feelings I am sharing of faith that we are supposed to be mirrors for each other. What you are going to do with it is up to you.

You see, I can not be held liable over other people´s negative emotions. Negative emotions are each and everyone´s personal responsiblity.
If something triggers negative emotion – in this particular case, my posts – it doesn´t imply that the post as such is “negative” or “positive”. Evidently, it has more to do with
the other´s,- indeed, with your way of understanding and perception of it.

It is obvious, certain of my posts are not ingratiating ego lullabies, there are many others who successfully indulge in that kind of futile pursuit. It is not my intent either to be liked or disliked, but to create a real impact, in order to back those ones who want to break free from illusion. In my own experience,
people I didn´t “like” at first sight have opened my eyes more than the ones I “liked”.
TRUTH is hard to convey, and even harder to accept. Truth hurts… – the ego being the first to repudiate Truth, taking it as menace.

Habitually, we are so inveterately caught in delusion and hypocrisy so what many times is taken for “love”, is just Egomania. Languorous rubbish. Soap opera. This soap opera, which is our age, this horrible Wasteland has almost eliminated true Worth, Soul and Spirit, turning Love and great human endeavour into some kind of foolish nonsense. The same goes for Truth. Truth for many is something similar with a dinosaur. They know it existed, but never saw it.

Please, get me straight: I do not compare myself with anyone. If I don´t compare myself, how then could I be “worse” or “better” than anyone?…Higher or lower, better or worse, are the outcome of our finite mind, meaning that there is no other person to be better or worse than me either.

Thus, I FEEL EQUAL WITH NOBODY! I feel equal with myself only, I only fraternize with other
people´s naked truth, which in turn, is my truth!!

We are mirrors of each other´s True Image not of each other´s reciprocal falseness.
Mirrors of Encounters is a place for true encounter, self-critical examination, honesty and readiness to question, not a place for convenient falsehood and comfortable idleness.

I am not here to flirt with bad taste, pretense, fraud and imposture. Truth is not self-infatuation. Truth demystifies illusion.

And only when Illusion is demystified and seen as illusion, then and only then, LOVE can arise.