The opposite of love is not hate but fear.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”

Instead of Julien I had become Juliet. 🙂

He apologised.
He had written me an e-mail from his mobile and the phone stubbornly spelled
my name wrong.

I found this very amusing – in fact I had a very good laugh. Out of the blue I had become
a woman…a feminine archetype.

He felt obliged to explain himself as to this wrong spelling. “Right needs to be right”…

Is it really so, I was wondering…? Let´s ponder a moment: If “Right” is solely right,
then something inexpressibly essential is missing, it kind of gets limited and boring.

Sometimes “wrong” is more right than “right”. With other words:
If right is to be really Right, there has to be some degree of wrong or mistake of sorts permeating
this “right”. That makes it exciting, humanly true and alive…

So I think I´m going to change my name…at least for today 🙂

Which one is it…?

I know I am wrong.
I know though I am right too.
The difference between right and wrong is subtle and minimal.
Can I recognize when I am right and when wrong?
Sometimes being right is to be wrong.
What was right yesterday is wrong today.
What is wrong today may be right tomorrow.
But it can also be that what was wrong yesterday
Is still wrong today and tomorrow too..

It´s better to be wrong and fail your way, than to be right and fail their way…