The solitude of the mirrorless

There is Joy which transcends all opposites, but there is also Sorrow with no counterpart.

Sometimes sorrow seizes you and it seems there is no way out of this unspeakable sadness. Yes, that sadness is echoless, it feels like a mute and inarticulate shadow whith no resonance.

Indeed, Sorrow is mirrorless. Who can hear you when sadness grabs your soul and you are swept into the realm of the Echoless, the land of no Mirrors…?

Pure light – the first cause

Once, someone told me this:

“Look to darkness through the eyes of light!”

Indeed, it is a good thing to remind oneself of this. But is this “light” a contrast to darkness? Can a opposite understand its counterpart? Hardly ever…

We have to quit this strife for “light” as this very quest can put us in even deeper darkness.

Once we identify this uncommon mechanism, we will embrace our darkness through the eyes of loving acceptance, and doing that, we move further towards the midpoint of our being, where opposites meet, where contrasts – darkness and light – annul each other.

There is the abode of the First Cause, the realms of Pure Light.