Genuine order can only be establshed in the ineffable relation from moment to moment

For whoever is ready to hear

To be able to play a musical instrument well, along with technical skill, it requires ABOVE ALL, a formidable unforced yet swift and alert attention.

Not only that Music asks for heeding and hearing each and every Instant as if it was new, but it demands the impossible: namely, to be aware of tones which go in fractions of seconds

I repeat: not seconds but fractions of seconds.

Imagine you being compelled to find order and right relation between those tones in that intense velocity. AND YET… If I make an analogy, one needs that incredible sensitivity, inner sharpness and rest when it comes to “outwitting” and de-conditioning the obsolete mind…

Only in that unspeakable speed can we deal with mind in all its insidious entitlements:

Thought, name, time, corporeity, memory, experience…


When you lose contact with higher states of being, you become no more than a caricature.

That is what has been happening especially in the last 100 years. Being no longer in living connection with source, Man has gradually degenerated, and in his ignorance and stupid narcissism, he hears nothing but the inferno of his vile passions and hollowness.

What he often calls “music” is nothing but the scattering sounds of his violent and frustrated ego. It is disorder, sickness and chaos.

All passion, charm and warm feeling have been abolished, being replaced with callous monotony and fatuity .

So we have either these idiotic one-chord techno and house, abominable cries like heavy metal, hard-rock, or at the other extreme, different “lady-gagas”.

Music has nothing to do with this orgy of stupidity and tastelessness.

MUSIC, even if dealing with chaos or “dark forces”, is the outcome of equilibrium, of order, of harmony. Even in dissonance it remains consonant as its essence is spiritual; after all, “music” comes from the Greek word “muse”.

Music implicitly means connecting with higher states through elevated feeling. This exalted state is the abode of  joy, clarity, intelligence, passion, love…