As Fear is my Idea of Succes, I am entitled to defend my fear

“It is difficult to define oneself without thinking in terms of separation from a whole. If living an ego-less life means merging with others, then the collective consciousness as a ‘whole’ has to thus change as well. We are living in an age where the collective consciousness – the whole – has been replicated and replaced with a collective goal: Success.

Change occurs only when we understand the intrinsic nature of thought.

Where there is thinking, there is consequently separation. Strife. Competition.

Thought is the outcome of all yesterdays, that is, the constant reinforcing of past Experience. Experience is the derivative of Fear. Fear in its turn perpetuates itself through obsessively entertaining and struggling to enhance a false center: the separate ego.

Thinking creates the illusion of the separate ego. Thinking, basically is invariably defending its dreamed boundary: MINE.

Look at the relation between Mine, Fear, and Success.

What we term as “success” is intimately associated with a horrid misunderstanding, as it stems from and overstates the idea of conflict between me and you.

Can you see that “mine” and “me” is the beginning of suffering, and that basically ME – the separate ego – directly warrants my right to defend my fear? My suffering, my depression, my aggressiveness, my right to use violence against “you”.

As Love to me is just another side of fear, Fear is thus my God.

Yes…I am entitled to be violent against you as long as I defend my success – my distinct limit -, even if that means relinquishing you. Ultimately, I have the right to relinquish myself too, as long as I equate fear with success.

Can you finally tell me where this “me” and “mine” starts and ends?…
After all:

Is there a separate “me” without “you”, other than in the fabric of my illusion?

I call myself “me”, but you call me “you”… – really, at what point do I become “me” and when am I “you”?