Meaning is knowledge

Cornelius Agrippa says:

I think the question of what God is, is related to the question of who we are. That has to be
a practical question.
I think our lives are meaningless except to the extent that we give them meaning. That has to start on a
small-scale – in the moment-to-moment things we do and in each interaction with another human being and even to details like how we wash a cup or sweep a floor.


Life, real life, is Meaning felt each moment.

In that immediate “knowledge” every single detail makes sense – like seeping the floor or washing the coffee cup.

The same goes for human interaction. If there is reciprocal meaning, there will be communion too. Participation in Sense…

Unfortunately, the sum of people´s life – society today – feels devoid of meaning. And due to this absence of meaning in interpersonal connexion, – absence of both individual and collective relation to Self – we have this hollow age, which obviously cannot offer anything beyond its limited pragmatism.

Pragmatism without metaphysical connection leads inevitably to nihilism.

And there can never be any Sense in Naught…

A dialogue between me and Tom about real yearning

In response to my post “Can´t we take a break and allow us for a change to be a little less “realistic” but more pragmatically interested in the whispers of our real yearning?” Tom wrote this:


I liked both the more extended version and of course this crystalline distillation.

I am taking some time this afternoon to read other blogs – and of course come to yours – all before I head to the library or coffee shop to finally compose my book proposal, that is, to pursue my “real yearning” and – what happens…? – I find this passage. An omen? Or perhaps an instance of the adage that when the student is ready, the teacher appears?

So thanks, much.


I smile…There is always something emotionally touching pouring out of your words. How shall I put it?… Yes, your words exude some kind of very soothing but humble honesty…Awake, willing but unobtrusive…

This is what they call a great serendipity, but – as I said before – it also points to the great significance of mutual inspiration and wholesome resonance we create together here – true participation… We kind of build a context of energy which benefits us all – each of one is a vivid extension of this incredible network. When we´re linked to this great frequency of light, the word Failing loses its meaning.

We are each other´s teachers – sometimes we change roles and become students. All it takes is to be mindful to our “real yearning” and discern when the moment is ripe for one thing or the other…

A meaningful dialogue


“I found your blog ” by chance” – valuable things somehow find me. That is why, when something catches my interest, it is not a question of having or not having “time” – I just follow the energy,
like tossing the ball back – we can play tennis on our own, but it is more fun if someone sends the ball back.

Truth and Value create the right kind of swift play, and in this playfulness
there is no winner or loser – hopefully it is a mutual inspiration and participation.

Looking forward to getting to know more of your spiritual quest.”


I love how you put it that “it is not a question of having or not having “time”. – I just follow the energy, like tossing the ball back – we can play tennis on our own, but it is more fun if someone sends the ball back.”
I resonate with those words, it’s true that when we are aware & we follow the energy it lights our way, always leading us to the things, people or places that we need at that moment. Whether the reason is apparent to us at the moment or not; following the energy always leads us the right places at the right time.

I’ve been exploring your blog & I must share that I enjoy your writing. There is love & wisdom that come across with every word you allow to come through you and that you share with us. I feel that life is about our self-growth working within to experience “Heaven on Earth”; lifting the veil and understanding the truth of who we are and thus sharing it others in hopes to help them heal & get to their own truth. I love connecting, sharing and learning from others… We could do so much more & achieve all that we desire if we all came together more times than not, supporting one another, sharing with each other, removing the need for judgment & accepting that we are all connected and what affects one eventually will affect the collective.”

If you want to read her blog, here it is:

A fantastic feedback

You may read this in my “About” section. I found Steve´s words so incredibly meaningful so here is what he says along with my response to him:

“A WordPress search on the word “joy” is what brought me to your blog and I enjoyed the post on joy that you published on 7/3/12. It is the following statement on your “About” page that will keep me following your work.

“This blog is not about interesting concepts… it is about participation…togetherness…finding new solutions, inspiration to live a richer life.”

I am all in for all of these! I will continue to follow your blog and participate whenever meaningful. Thank you for what you are doing.”

My response:

I am very grateful for your kind feed back, literally, it means a lot, metaphorically, it is invaluable for two reasons:

For the first, if Joy was the pointer to Mirrors of Encounters, well, it means that I am following the right track.
For the second, I was kind of insecure when it comes to this particular post, as I loved it, but due to its “simpleness”, I didn´t know whether it made sense to someone else.

Hope not to let you down, as many times I write about things we find rather awkward to look at and accept. We also have to dare looking deeply into the realms of the insidious and the obscure, before Joy – the light of all lights – can unleash itself in all its resplendence.

My main pursuit in life is Meaning, Stringency is my favorite key word. Sometimes I manage to create synthesis, sometimes not.

It is here where participation is so valuable, cause sincere and straight dialogue put us back on the right track.

Thank you again for your words!