This is Law, not clever but nonsensical words

That “someone” who you´re craving and so eagerly look for,
is beyond all doubts – YOU.

Once you are in un-mediated contact with this imperishable You, another kind of
“you” – your true Love – will seamlessly manifest as your counterpart. WHAT I SAY HERE IS LAW, NOT LOOSE CLEVER WORDS.

Please let go of “mine”…

Let go of possession, let go of yearning, cause longing distances you from what is truly yours. In the freedom from the false me – which is Fear – the true You will come forth in all its splendour.

I´ve had enough

God damn it!…

All these years I lived in devastation having to conceal my huge yearning and tremendous love in order to fit in. To not disturb the fucking consensus of a sick society which celebrates death, wretchedness and petty obedience.

Enough is enough.

I will scream out my wild love and passion. To hell with all fucking half measures!…

They all want it badly, but are totally afraid of it

The Word is the music of your soul

I don’t have music inside me per se, but there is most definitely poetry, which can be just as beautiful and life-affirming as some kinds of music are to me.

It’s rare for me to be able to write poetry because it is so bashful, but I do feel there is more of that in me. At least, I really hope there is because I have an intense urge to express myself poetically, even if I sometimes lack the ability to bring it out.

I marvel sometimes at the synchronicity in life, and the capacity to inspire and be inspired by the ones we meet on this journey through Life.

In the beginning was the Word.

And the Word is Music. And we are the Word.

We simply don´t know this anymore…don´t feel it… – have forgotten it.

We don´t hear ourselves…The whisper in our soul.

Music is behind all true expression – insofar as Music is an ineffable vibration
behind all music…

It remains inaudible for most of them, but some people make it audible
in their life – be it a poem, a piece of beautiful architecture, a painting, a beautiful gesture…

Music is perfect balance. Order. Fluidity. Meaning – insofar as everything naturally flows.

Music is the harmony behind feeling. Because without harmony, feeling becomes rampant passion. And this sort of unbridled passion – pathos, as the Greeks called it – becomes pathology…disease…

It´s not necessary to write poems. It is about living poetically. To live with a sense of constant beauty is to truly live.

So do marvel, cause marvel is the poetry trough which the Universe makes itself known.

Don´t wait for anything

Great answers come in no time.

The more you wait, the more you give your inspiration away
empowering nothingness.

Whoever says Patience is a virtue, is a lamentable sham.

Patience is a bane – the very thing killing your real passion. 

The quintessence of her song

“You fucking me makes me bilingual.”
(Jose Nunez, Taina)

As for me, I wonder why I am such a polyglot…


The parrot and the lion

There was once a story about a boy who was supposed to steal a parrot
guarded by a lion.

When the lion was asleep, he had the eyes wide open.
Contrary, when the animal had his eyes closed, he was very much awaken…

Now, the boy had to steal the parrot while the lion was unflinchingly
staring at him…Imagine that…
The boy finally managed to fulfill the task.

This was wonderfully analyzed by Marie-Louise von Frans,
a great Jungian analyst:

The lion here represents desire…

If we gaze, we frighten life away.

And when we are “asleep” we can “catch” it…