A comment by Jane about the predicament of modern woman

Jane commented the other day my poem Awaiting Windows:

The women were lingering,
their image.

The windows
were silently
their absence

This poem needs to be sent around the world. It says so much about women, the craving for self-esteem, beauty, the hallucinating mind, am I good enough? Wonderful imagery. Did the windows feel the emptiness of the women looking for themselves? Engrained in a set of “cultural requirements,” are the women looking into the mirror saddened with their empty image? Why did they look for their “image?” Your poem offers much for discussion. A painful poem for me to consider deeply. Thank you for opening up the discontent of women. A Mirror for Encounters!

“Some women marry houses,
It’s another kind of skin, it has a heart,
a mouth, a liver and bowel movements.

The walls are permanent and pink.
See how she sits on her knees all day,
faithfully washing herself down…”

” Many women live in the utmost spiritual and creative poverty; they are in fact ‘homeless’.”

Author Patricia Reis