Unless your perception is clear-cut

…everything you will undertake will be fruitless.

And inconsequential…

No one can heal you as long as you cling to your false perception

Changing your inner landscape for a new life to emerge

It is not about changing your life but about changing your inner landscape so that a new life can emerge. Make peace with where you are RIGHT NOW, no judgment, and allow some more ease and spaciousness to come in, to relieve you emotionally. So much of your energy is caught up in struggle right now.

– Marla Estes

As long as you take your idea for reality, Reality will shun you

Eternity is that dimension of “here and now” which thinking and time cuts out.

Read and reread. Bit of a doozy isn’t it?

Even if I concede to this particular definition of eternity (which is very
one-dimensional if you really think about it), what I said originally still holds, eternity and/or reality is still a matter of perception. What you may view as liberating may prove to be confinement for another. Why restrict myself to just one reality when I may soar in my state of limbo, visiting different realities?

Aliveness has nothing to do with definitions. In fact, all definitions and conclusions kill Life.

WHEN THINKING IS IN CHARGE, everything becomes flat and
one-dimensional – be it “mundane” or “celestial”.

You take your Concept for the Reality we hereby refer to. After all, you say it yourself: eternity or reality is a matter of Perception…

Bad news: our perception is often false, because – again – what we know is not the reality per se, but the projection we hold as “reality”
Freedom, or, whatever genuinely liberating, can be a terrible blow to the conditioned mind, indeed, a threat for the already confined perception. After all, we love our confinements, we have put so much effort to raise these thick walls around us…

Mind loves its delusions, it likes to indulge in vacuous dreaming, taking its figments – its limbo as you call it – for “different” realities.

That´s what Mind does: it takes eternity for Fata Morgana, and ascribes Fata Morgana eternal existence.

Now, reality is incredibly dynamic; a many-leveled, subtle but poignant presence, but our very concepts and self-imposed restrictions, which can be termed as one word – Ego –, prevent us from this unmediated perception.

I cannot introduce you to “another” reality as long as your vessel is filled
to the brim.

You might not “believe” me, but give these lines at least the benefit of doubt 😉

What entails a real relation?

When you say “I miss a real man or real woman” you actually state the missing contact with your Self.

You’re not to blame – what You Are feels insufficient, you look for “the other “to complete you, to compensate your shortage of not being enough to yourself.

What you miss really is not “the other”, but Yourself – the right connection with the true you – can you see that? This is hard to digest, but your feeling of Separation can never be made “whole” by another man or woman, even if it seems so. Because “the one” you are looking for is actually YOU. The harmony you expect to find meeting the other, is the inner equilibrium you are supposed to find first in yourself. Not easy…

With the risk of demystifying love, the truth is that nobody and nothing can make
you happy in the long run – despite the greatest illusion emblazoned by society which always urges you to look outside yourself.

This realization may take a second or a lifetime, alas, most people need even more than that. The fact is that only when you realize that Separation is Illusion, that beyond the deceptive feeling of being separated you are in fact, whole and happy, then and only then, you may meet someone with whom you handsomely resonate.

A liberating move

Says Aaron Asphar:

One of the most radical, liberating moves you can make right now is to fully grasp and recognize this truth: taking anything personally always binds you to an illusion. To overcome this illusion is self-overcoming – it is overcoming ego and unconsciousness, turning it back into free, untrammelled awareness. Nothing in the universe is just about you –  how can it be? Which ‘you’? You are the total outcome of a universe of forces, perceived by mind as an entity. You are this universe. Your existence as a discrete entity is a figment of mind, an abstraction from all experience.

This is a hard one: who is creating who…?

Does “the other” exist? Is the other a continuation of me…? Is it me creating the other…?
Likewise, am I a continuation of you? Do you create me…?
Could these lines have existed unless you read them?

The ones caught in illusion – are they a continuation of my own illusion?
Can I do something about “the others´” illusion?

This is the most vital question:

Can people caught in Illusion ever know what Love is…?  No, I think they can´t. Illusion is the outcome of fear, so as long as you are caught in Illusion, you can´t know the essence of Love.
Love is the antinomy of illusion…They never rime…

Consequently can the one who knows what Love is, ever reach and convey the presence of love – to “the other” who doesn´t know and doesn´t want to know this…?

Again, does the other exist? Cause if the other exists in the same field as me, than the only one to give love to, is therefore me…And when I do that, the other will probably “know”…