I-ness, definitions, and erroneous identification

When your identity is defined by society, you cannot resist it.

You don´t have the knowledge, you don´t have the wisdom, you don´t have
the resources, to understand that something has been put over on you.

You cannot but help believe the definition of you as a free agent. But you
believe yourself to be a free agent, as a result of not being free – that is to say,
of being hopelessly unable to resist society´s identification of you.

So in the whole sense of our personality, there is a contradiction.

That is why, the sense of ego, of being ourself, is simultaneously A SENSE OF FRUSTRATION.

The feeling of I-ness so far as most people are concerned, is a feeling of tension between the I-s.

– Alan Watts

The curse of social networking

This unbearable ubiquitous narcissism which disguises itself in all these tame and inane
“love and vivid interest for others”.

Interest for others…what an absurd lullaby.

Let´s face it: people don´t wish for real contact, they want you to be a mirror for their
stupid self-sufficiency – that´s the whole idea.

Really, do you love anyone but yourself?

Un-live and un-learn

The old saying “Live and learn” is probably good.
The opposite though – un-live and un-learn – is equally essential, if not, more essential.

In order to learn something new, we have to realize the necessity of letting go of the known.

Sometimes we come to a point – as I have done lately – where we have to put a conscious stop to old conditionings…

The old personality stems from complexes which we have inherited since times immemorial, which call themselves “I”. It is not a pleasant process to let go of old reflexes and habits, as this is our identity so far…It can be quite an agonizing experience in fact…

Before renewal, the false personality with its complexes must die – which is a harsh thing to undergo, as this process is similar to an end, and it is quite similar to death.

Transformation is for sure the ending of certain age-old life-principles. Our “mundane” personality fears the unknown, it is quite obvious, our false ego doesn´t want to give in, wanting to continue its daft performance.

However, these blunt dissonances, – the legacy of our past – , have to be seen as the ego´s desperate attempt to inhibit change. We have to have the strength to recognize this as such, let it go and show are readiness to go along with the New, even if “new” doesn´t have a clear body… – yet…

A short dialogue


Does ugliness then lie in the eyes of the beholder? Also, like beauty, what is ugly to one person may be quite beautiful to another. Is the absence of personality, emotion and impression attractive, or even absolutely beautiful to some? I think it is. Not for me, however. Although I think for some humans, this blatant emotion-less shell is actually quite attractive….for one reason though – it’s awfully easy to deal with……no emotions needed.


People love so much their idleness…don’t they…?Why complicate with superfluous emotions and complex questions when we can be simple-minded, hollow and fatuous…?Of course, for the one living for the shell, every trace of depth is a threat…

Why make use of other subtle harmonies when we can indulge in a A minor chord for an hour…?

People today are like House music – no harmony, no melody just one frenzied, relentlessly idiotic rhythm that never actually starts or ends…

How this twisted reductionist way of living has become “the thing”, how this despicable wasteland can be attractive, is widely beyond my comprehension…

No point of view – greatest joy

Character, personality is a chain of conscious or unconscious choices, a sum of conditioned experiences from which derives our point of reference. This point of reference is the image we hold about ourselves, our identity.

We live under the thraldom of false reference, we build our whole identity through this image, we defend and struggle mercilessly for it, ready to kill whoever opposes us. Our hardly acquired image, our point of view is our God, our religion.

This conditioned point of view is a motionless point. There is no dynamism in immobility. Dynamism and immobility are each other’s antinomy.

In plain language, whatever fix point of view you hold is single-mindedness. The single-mindedness of every point of view breeds separation, resistance, isolation, frustration, sorrow and suffering, violence and hatred – ultimately death.

From this perspective, Sorrow is nothing but a conscious or unconscious choice, a point of view.


Unhappiness, depression, disease, misfortunes, all kinds of distress are no more than a point of view. I am aware of that this may sound illogically reducing and preposterous…


It´s all that simple – a long maintained chain of points of reference becomes “manifested reality”.

Whatever “fix” point of view, is really an insult to life. Life is eternal movement, she ignores stagnation. Dynamism in constant motion is the characteristic of life, growth is a natural process, and the one who takes life for a process of possession, refuses to grow.


Henceforth, “Mine-ness” or “yours-ness” implicates a fix point. But such thing as a “fix point” doesn´t exist in the Universe.

Reality is a multitude of “unfixed” points everywhere. The best collocation for reality is “loose pointedness.”

That´s what we are – a host of simultaneous, definition-less entities in motion.

So, Joy, Intelligence, Enthusiasm, Beauty and Love are simultaneous points of view in “loose pointedness”. :)

A limitless, ever-embracing, ever-changing Reality, which is neither this, nor the other, but everything in between…

Great ha…? ;)