Strange coincidence

Last Sunday I was out for a coffee. It was sometime in the afternoon, I was watching people strolling, when I caught side of him. It was Peter Stormare, a Swedish actor who made quite a career in Hollywood.

We hadn´t met in a long while. We changed a few words, he asked me of some friends in common from the time we had contact. What struck as I was talking to him, was that he felt kind of aloof, confused, lonely and rather disoriented. God in heaven, I thought for myself, not even a grand career in Hollywood doesn´t “save you” from Real Life. I couldn´t help noticing though that this man, inspite his fears, had a strong presence.

Yesterday, entering a tobacco shop to buy my daily cigar, the TV there was on, and I kind of laughed for myself: the person interviewed was Peter Stormare.

Later on I had coffee with a friend, TELLING HIM ABOUT THIS ENCOUNTER WITH PETER. Some five minutes later, my friend´s ex-wife came by. We were all stressing the importance of daring to live your dream and your real intention in life. My freind´s ex wife Kristina told me that last Sunday, watching TV she saw a great interview. I anticipated right away who the person in the interview was, so I smiled hearing her saying his name. So I left her continue.They were talking about life in the interview, she said. She was almost in tears. About the importance of having real contact with people; authentic contact making you be the one you really are.

About the fact that others do not accept you being different, and always keep you at a distance. So instead of believing in our special gift, we give on, and ignore our real potential.
Of all the innumerable programs she could have seen in TV, she watched this particular interview…who was the guest in the program? Of course…Peter Stormare

Is life strange, or…?