It takes great courage to recognize when certain things are over

Many either fail or are reluctant to admit this truth,
and in no time, they are over too.

Norm is a preconceived idea based on Fear

I wrote this some time in February. I am never sure as to the truth of my own words – I am the first to doubt and question myself. I understand first now that what I wrote back then, is highly pertinent. I was right without knowing it. The joy is huge: Now I simply know.

Mirrors of Encounters

We preciously and stubbornly hold on to the Idea of normality but actually, Life – or “what is” -, can never fit into “normal”, as it can never conform to any preconceived idea.

Angel Heart:
A well-known phrased question “What is normal?” Since nothing in existence has a value of its own, everything is relative in terms of how something is perceived, experienced and received etc. No two people are the same, so how can there be a ‘norm’, just doesn’t make sense.

Since common man lives in constant self-denial and irretrievable projection,
we have been taught that things have a value of their own. With other words, the essential is the imposing Idea, The Thing, while the Observer – the subject – has little importance, if any…Obviously, we do live “externally”, as long as the subject – the real sense of I-ness – is at best unconstellated, 

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What kind of person are you, if you stick with appearance only?

There are moments when Life feels totally surreal. A theater for wicked fools.
An unfathomably vicious phantasm.
You say to yourself in amazement that “No, it is too absurd, it cannot happen”…

And yet IT HAPPENS, it´s no dream…it is right there, in front of you.
There is no choice other than SEE IT and accept it´s there.

It feels as if you are the only one to see it though…

The others see it too, all right, and yet pretend to not see nor understand… 

They are all stuck in appearance. They know they are, yet they take it as the only way…

For you, there is no longer any consolation in lie and self-deception.
Appearance only, doesn´t feed you any longer…

You are totally on your own.

You and this Weird Voiceless Truth. It howls within, but it is mute…- like an icy echo.

Utter despondency. This loneliness feels unbearable, this pain overwhelming.
It seems to be your only share – you´re the only one to see and admit it…

Yes… – people know and understand…Yet they are afraid to admit they understand…

Melissa commenting my last post

Old World Charm Vintage:
Mirrors of Encounters has obviously a great amount of followers who are interested in what you have to say, I’m sure this connection will still be there even if you do change your tonality, or how about a second blog to use in a different way maybe ? I am no master to be trying to give you advise though, but thought I best try with something as your sounding a little distressed.

Don´t let yourself be deceived by my tone. No, I couldn´t say I was “distressed”, on the contrary,
I felt great peace while writing those things, but at the same time some kind of frenzied fervour, of being totally fed up with both my own and others hypocrisy.

I am not a sham and neither an ingratiating hypocrite, but I kind of felt that I am beginning to be one,
if I am to be afraid of other people´s resentment and fear to hear the raw truth.

BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT LIES ARE ATROCIOUSLY DANGEROUS. We need to cut deep into the infected sore, if we are going to heal.

Most people I encounter don´t want to heal. They want to remain diseased, it is their identity
The question is: DO WE WANT TO HEAL?

If we want that, than we have to accept that Truth hurts terribly in the beginning.

When it comes to a second blog, I´ve been considering that myself. I´ll see – at the end of the day, I want to have everything under the same roof…

If I were to have a second blog, what would be “A DIFFERENT WAY” in your opinion…?

Failing is man´s constant predicament

We invariably search outwardly what is only to be found within.

People simply refuse this simple truth. So they keep on looking and looking…failing repeatedly.
The more they fail, the harder they try.

Isn´t it sad to waste your precious life looking for something where you know beforehand that it´s nothing to find…?

The loudspeakers dream

People “know” too much. They become the slaves, and – more often than not – the victims of their “knowledge”. To such an extent that you can´t possibly reach them. Everything they consider becomes automatically “old”, turned into “own reference”, so you mostly become a non reference to them, or – in most cases – a part of their narrow and insidious projection: “What is not part of my interest doesn´t exist.”

What an incredible mechanic and boring life…How can they put up with themselves, repeating on and on and on the same inane patterns, the same idiosyncracies, the same idiotically foreseeable demeanor…?

God damn it, you have the distinct impression that in most cases you no longer deal with people of flesh and blood but with fucking loudspeakers…

To a certain extent I can put up with the ignorant “loudspeakers”, my greatest problem are
the so-called well-read loudspeakers. They are the most despicable nuisance – the trustworthy authority, the “knowers”.

They “know” everything, they write books, they are up to date, well-informed, powerful. In their mental vocabulary, “new” or “spontaneous” has been eliminated. Relinquished. Nothing exists except their scientifically proven bullshit. Hence, Life is nothing but a meaningless series of obsessively abstruse conditioning. “Our nightmare is your truth.”

Indeed, Truth for them is superstition. Passion and genuine emotion – uncivilized and disturbing behaviour.


You don´t exist for most of the people unless you become yourself an ingratiating liar, unless you find a twisted way to intrigue and baffle their ego. “If you want to make it, either you have to feed them, shock them or make them laugh” said Oscar Wilde. He knew what he said.

Natural conduct, simplicity, warm feeling is outmoded.

To discuss, question, discover “another way” is out of the question. THEIR ONLY INTEREST IS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE RIGHT.

Everybody has become a “scientist” today. No matter how distorted their opinion,
“what I know is the only truth, my point of view is unquestionable, my frantic stupidity is Law.”

We call ourselves modern. In a way we´re right. For sure, we are modern inasmuch as
Stupidity and Prejudice have never been so pervasive, all-pervading and ubiquitous.

Yes my friends, middle ages were heaven compared to this. These times are the real Dark Ages.

Only the aware and spiritually fittest will escape…

Few words to Bex and to you

You see,

If my words reach out to you and you really get what I mean, it´s all fine with me. Just realize that in this second, it´s irrelevant if others exist or not.
This is after all something between you and me:

I exist NOW as I write to you, you exist now reading this…That`s all it counts in this moment.
There might be not such thing as universal truth, but there is Truth…

I hear it…Do you?…

Society and conditioning

Society is a sum of all the restrictions, inhibitions, fears and interdictions that have been imposed on us for trackless time. This twisted legacy we can feel deep in our souls. It is our identity.

It is there – inside of us that the real struggle takes place. These inner foes are blind, harshly inertial forces incredibly tough to deal with; to let go of them requires incredible courage, perseverance and ingenuity… Leting go of them means also to drop our so-called identity. A difficult task. After all, this False Identity has been our abode, it is something which has had us in its grip for millenia.

That´s why confronting and letting go of these timeless evil shadows is a hellishly troublesome process. It involves a lot of pain. In this sense, becoming a child again means having the courage to let go of the “known”, confronting the unknown, dropping deliberately prevalent falseness and humbly and faithfully trust Life – one is guided towards something which is not yet “established”. In this process you become also a new type of grown-up. By giving up this timeless falsehood, we become the “perpetrators” of a new individual and collective identity.

Quoting Paul

THE NOT SO UNCOMMON DENIAL OF TRUTH IS A GIGANTIC PROBLEM. How can intelligent, fact based opinions be made off of lies?

Why aren’t the people curious anymore? Our natural state is one of curiosity. Children are curious, but we grow up indoctrinated and unlearn concern.

I purposefully question everything. People just take television to be the truth, no questions asked. People do not think independently anymore. What ever happened to exercising some healthy skepticism every once in awhile?

Some fragments from a post by Paul

Here are his words:

“I think the NOT SO UNCOMMON DENIAL OF TRUTH, – not just in regard to 9/11 but in general -, IS A GIGANTIC PROBLEM. For how can intelligent, fact based opinions be made off of lies?  Or, good opinions anyway?

People do not seem to think independently anymore. What ever happened to exercising some healthy skepticism every once in awhile? I purposefully try to question everything, but maybe that is just me, or more likely, I am a member of a shrinking group of people that still thinks for themselves. At any rate, I guess people just take television to be the truth, whatever is being presented must be fact, no questions asked. How? How did this even come about? Why is this the case?

I just shake my head and try not to get to mad at all of this. There is something fundamentally wrong with society – why aren’t the people curious anymore? The natural state of a human being is one of curiosity – or at least should be. Children are curious, but then what happens? We grow up indoctrinated and unlearn concern?”

My comment:

People buy these lies because, as you say, they refuse to think. “Why have a real life…? Nah, it is too much of a trouble…
Think independently…? Oh no…Why should I, when I can be a gullible imbecile, an easy manipulated drone…? It is better to be fucked than take the troble to be alive…”

“By all means, the third skrscraper just disintegrated in pure solidarity with the twin buildings”, claim the bloated drones.

This is the our nonsensical life today: a tale narrated by an imbecile.
We have what we deserve.

Yes Paul, SHAME ON US that a 22-year-old boy like you has to tell us the truth we so hard refuse to acknowledge.