Past and Future

I reblog ´s great post here:

“The past is finite but the future is infinite. The past is useful up to a point. Yet seeking our identity in the past, the past becomes a heavy drag upon consciousness and killer of freedom. The past corresponds to a limitation, to set forms that have come and gone. Yet people define themselves mainly by the past, so binding themselves to the fixed boundaries and the circumscribed habits of personality and group.

The inner self is prophetic, so it is possible to find identity in the light of the future. There is nothing of value in the past that will not be better-born in the future. The value of what was, the soul of it, is always in motion and not long tethered to any time and form. So, when the time is right, let the flowers and melodies of yesterday fade, all their beauty was borrowed from the timeless–the source of their wonder is now and ahead upon the path of ascent.”

Living ourselves beyond division

“Early in my life it seemed life’s floating was seamless, unquestioned, spontaneous.

The transition to adulthood brought with it a self-consciousness as the sense of separation between self and other, inside/outside seemed more and more apparent. ”

“In living with the constancy of change I wonder if we’re not inviting more and more the desire to become the unchanged?”

We were It all, but early on, we were fooled to believe that we were not in possession of it – of ourselves -, and so we “bought” the ubiquitous disease society force-feeds us with, that we need to look “elsewhere”.

Isn´t it so…? We have internalized this huge illusion that everything is “outside”, and the result is the constancy of placing ourselves outside ourselves.

We obsessively create and define ourselves as division.
The more you desire anything, the more you struggle, the bigger the gulf, the lesser you get, the bigger the misfortune. We all know this vicious circle. And yet, we stubbornly continue with the same half-witted procedure.

We strive to surmount this gulf outwardly, but actually, we hopelessly try to find bridges between different loose aspects of our scattered inner world.

We are inwardly dis-unified, can you see that?…Whatever we undertake, we irretrievably reinforce ourselves as cleavage.

I hear my Inner Voice telling me unbelievable things. Like these days when it said:

“You are in no need of knowledge. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing to act upon.This is all an unfathomable riddle, and you are this riddle. LIVE IT and the `action´ does itself”.

So you see…At first I do wonder what on earth it says.

But then I bump into this Jung´s quote in your post:

“We should grow like a tree that likewise does not know its law. We tie ourselves up with intentions, not mindful of the fact that intention is the limitation, yes, the exclusion of life.

Yes, The Voice knows.

So let´s forget “intention” and embrace the Riddle – living ourselves beyond division.

The extraordinary versus the ordinary

Cornelius Agrippa
Reality: we must define our terms. Provisionally I would say reality is relative to our level of consciousness, that is, to our ability to perceive it. Reality for a snail is not the same as reality for a man or woman. There would be no point in a snail defining reality because a snail does not have the capacity to define anything higher than the snail world. In the same way, human beings in the ordinary state in which we find ourselves cannot define reality, otherwise we limit God.

Numbers: who knows? Physicists find that the world is mathematical, or at least, they are constantly surprised that they are able to describe it very accurately in mathematical terms. This astonishment has been going on since Pythagoras discovered that music is numbers.

A very good point! Just a question:

Of course it´s a matter of perception. How can one tell the “ordinary” about the “exatraordinary”…?
This pursuit may feel at times as meaningful as teaching a snail the Music of The Stars.

Attention now is the highest form of spirituality

It all comes down to this:


The attention I speak about is not the kind of deliberate focus generated by a specific interest. I am paying attention to you cause I have a purpose to achieve with you, I am paying attention to something because that is beneficial to me, in short, whenever I am paying attention due to whatever reason, that is not attention. That is conditioning. That is limiting choice. Hypocrisy. Annoying “self-improvement”…

ATTENTION, real attention is non-deliberateness. It is perfect watchfulness with no particular reason.

I am aware that this is very hard for the common Western mind to grasp, as this would be easily mixed up with idleness. But it has nothing to do with neither sloth or passivity.

Attention is purposeless but active awareness. It follows swiftly and effortlessly every subtle inner or outer movement, as its pulse is The Moment.
This is maybe hard to get, but attention is the space between a moment and the other.
It is non-identification, it is non-interest, non-attachment, “The Void” of perfect quietness.

ATTENTION DOESN´T THINK, ATTENTION WATCHES. Only our mind thinks, and never watches.
Can you get this…?

Attention is not a graspable thought, as thought is whim and self-complacency. Attention is this Now, this actual movement, Attention is your eyes reading this. Hopefully without misinterpreting me…


Our mind is in a continuous state of inner turmoil due to ceaseless thinking, and that is why
it is not capable of any accurate perception.
Our mind is caught in its sickening illusion – whatever it touches, it contaminates.

The moment the mind understands its hopeless predicament, it´s the arising of Attention.
Only this delicate but sharp and penetrating Attention can question the mind.
Only this effortless Watchfulness can dispassionately see and discern the suffering and the madness of our graceless, depraved Mind today.


Only this disinterested and dispassionate Attention can see Love. And Love is not about “self-improvement”,
progress or “becoming”. Perfection needs no fixing. Love – like Attention –  doesn´t need “to grow”. .

Yes my friend, Love is the glorious now-twinkling of your eye. 🙂

Are you a void?…

…Who thinks?…
I am the prompting that compels consciousness. That prompting has essence. The essence is shared with you. We share consciousness. We could answer to the same Name.

This is Linda Willows´ reply to my post “What about you?”

Richard sent me this

“Ego is the unobserved mind that runs your life when you are not present as the witnessing consciousness, the watcher. The ego perceives itself as a separate fragment in a hostile universe, with no real inner connection to any other being, surrounded by other egos which it either sees as a potential threat or which it will attempt to use for its own ends.”

Eckhart Tolle

No accumulation

Through awareness I begin to see myself as I actually am, the totality of myself. Being watchful from moment to moment of all its thoughts, its feelings, its reactions, unconscious as well as conscious, the mind is constantly discovering the significance of its own activities, which is self-knowledge. Whereas if my understanding is merely accumulative, then that accumulation becomes a conditioning which prevents further understanding.

So can the mind observe itself without accumulation?

J. Krishnamurti

How can we bring about a real change within?

This is the huge paradox:

Innumerable books about spirituality have been written lately. Yet, to no avail really. All these books, haven´t had the right impact to penetrate in-depth and bring about a REAL CHANGE IN OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, it´s a fact.

Yes, let´s face it, all this enormous book-writing has failed.


What is freedom?

Freedom is pure consciousness, consciousness in non-abiding. When concept dies, freedom arises.
Freedom is constant questioning, never identifying with whatever prefabricated thought.

Freedom does never accept ready-made answers, as “ready-made” is dead. Freedom is alive, and being alive, it is a perpetual and unending  surprise – the truth of 100 years ago is as obsolete as the truth stated 10 minutes ago.

Freedom is “discontinuous” and constant watchfulness, It is neither “knowing”, nor “not knowing”. It is both 🙂

Real freedom can never degenerate into self-deceit, as
self-deceit is the perfect antinomy of being alive. When you are alive, you are responsible, you are free.

To be alive and free is the greatest challenge. It requires incredible sharpness and focused attention.

Sloth and laziness is consequently, refusal to consider, question and watch oneself, it is the refusal to take responsibility for being alive. THESE LAST TWO LINES, MIRROR THE MOST URGENT DILEMMA “MODERN” MAN IS FLEEING FROM.

Unfreedom hates and fears life.  Where there is no freedom, there is no Life

Period !

Stop thinking – a Zen meditation

You may come to the understanding that when you rely on something outside yourself, it may make you feel good, feel safe, something to rely on out there, but ACTUALLY,  you are not safe, and you are not stronger.

We cannot protect ourselves by preparing our mind with some kind of mental device or some kind of technique. It´s far better to always be ready to adjust ourselves to whatever happens.

We fall to the habit of fortifying ourselves spiritually or emotionally with some special kind of thinking, some special kind of idea. It makes us feel stronger, it makes us feel good, but actually it only weakens us – because we are relying on something outside of ourselves and not our self. AND THAT´S HOW WE LOSE OUR FREEDOM.

We simply try to let our mind be open, and just follow our true nature. Our true nature that simply goes on and on…


People ask: WHAT IS TRUE NATURE, I DON´T FEEL THAT…it is because our mental activity gets in the way, in effect puts a stop to our natural activity.


In the scientific terms, IF YOU STOP THE MECHANISM THAT IS OBSTRUCTING YOUR NATURAL LIVING-NATURE, THEN YOUR MIND CAN WORK NATURALLY!  and when we don´t fortify our mind with thinking and conceptualizing, our true nature will have complete freedom

This is non-thinking.

We´re  creating a fortification for our mind, – through philosophy, different concepts or thinking – which will give us a feeling of safety, or some kind of certainty we can rest on. But actually by thinking this way, we make ourselves more uneasy, we don´t find our rest by trying to fortify our mind with something that comes from our thinking.

When we don´t create a mind-fortress, then we have no fear of attack of be attacked and then we are always ready to welcome that ever comes in our way.

So  whatever comes you´re ready and you have no fear.

Non-thinking is focus – that is, renewing our life each moment, with each breath!

Unless you don´t practice non thinking you don´t  feel the renewal of your life each moment and you get caught up in illusion.