Alexander Scriabin´s Prometheus

In my opinion, Prometheus is the most unprecedented “otherworldly” music
ever written.

No other composer has ever come so near metaphysical essence as Scriabin
did in his work.

So here is a great performance of this uncommon piece with the great pianist Martha Argerich.

If you don´t have the patience, listen at least from when the choir comes in at 16.30.
This is really prophetic.

Linger a while

“I read books the same way I listen to music” he said.

I realized he speaks like a true musician without realizing his gift. A simple statement can conceal great unthought of perspectives…

“Have you ever tried playing an instrument?” I asked him.

“I started studying the piano, and I always mean to continue but never have done so” he replied.

In your words I somehow sense that you have a musical talent.

Unfortunately very few people, especially music teachers know that secret of music. Most of these tutors inhibit and destroy the talent of sensitive children. Did anyone discourage, dissuade you to play? What made lose you interest?

Play again – just sit down at the piano and improvise whatever comes to your mind. Take few notes and listen…!