What are we longing for really?…

Everybody is longing for something.

Quite obvious, Yearning is the motivation behind every person´s action.

I don´t remember someone to have ever questioned this, but
I see myself compelled to look into the very nature of yearning,
as longing has only brought me overwhelming sorrow and distress.

It is so paradoxical – the more I longed the less I received. No matter what.

The more I longed for something the more distance I created between me and
the desired thing.

Really, yearning has felt like a curse. The more yearning, the more sorrow
I received. Invariably, the more unfulfilled I felt.

So after so many years of pondering, I seem to have come to some kind
of insight about this. What happens is that WHEN WE YEARN, WE CREATE TIME repudiating here and now, reinforcing the separation between our desire and its fulfillment.

It comes down to this: if you want something or someone, you have to stop yearning,
raising the most uncomfortable question:


What is fulfillment ultimately?

Can it be that whatever longing, is longing after the ineffable Oneness, with Yourself…

Longing enhances duality, and  AS LONG AS WE ARE CAUGHT IN DUALITY,
we will most likely indulge in even more suffering and distress.

I wish I had a clear answer on this, but as far as I can see
if we want to realize what we long for, we have to stop longing and “reach out” for that very inexplicable state of initial non-duality – oneness – which is our most truthful nature. 

If I say “Oneness”, for most people this word will sound like a total absurdity – a mere lifeless concept – that´s the difficult part since very few humans have ever tasted what
Oneness entails.

We have to start living as if duality didn´t exist.

In plain language, if you want to have what you yearn for, you have to drop yearning, “reaching”- that is, being in – a state of veritable, unfeigned contentment AS IF YOU ALREADY HAD ALREADY THAT DESIRED THING. Once feeling dignity and contentment, you will have a fairly better chance to fulfill your longing. 

Does it make sense…?

I resist my natural emotion therfore I exist

“Oh, I am so tired…I am really tired…worn out…”

Everything seems to be a reason for stress nowadays. Yes, you invariably hear this chorus everywhere – “I am tired, I am so stressed…
I have done this, been there, worked hard…I am exhausted…”
Working hard for everything seems to be the thing.
Calm and seamless living, what is that…? My virtue is my stress.

I´ve given this a lot of thought, so when I hear all this inane wailing I realize that it is not the effort or hard work which is to blame. This tiredness is the outcome of inner resistance:
“I AM THINKING TOO MUCH, I constantly and perseveringly resist my natural urges,
Self-tribulation is my virtue.”

These lamenting people are tired cause – I repeat – they are thwarting against and kill every natural spontaneous emotion; bluntly put, “I AM TIRED CAUSE I DON´T HAVE A LIFE”…What can you be other than worried and down when you know deep inside that despite all your actual achievements you don´t really live…

When not alive, what else can you feel other than fatigue, stress and pervading torment?

Get a life instead of stress!