When I was five, swift Joe kicked the ball high upp in the sky.
I still wait for its return.

Tell me my love

Where do you begin


Where does your shadow finish?

She is the poisonous presence of unbroken delight

Echoing through ages

Her enchanting smile lightens the night.

She is not far
She is not near
Neither is she a story
Nor a dream

She is simply the grand duchess of fiery desire


Waiting for nothing
Desiring nothing
I hear no one
But the endless skies
pouring gently in my chest…

Arioso in reverse

Her life is a symphony of shards.
Don´t play your music too near her – you may cut your strings.

To Liane

She burst in like a blonde waterfall
I don’t recall what she said to me
I heard only the soothing music of her unending wings…

To Lucy

Her Shadow is the mother of all scents
She burns like
Wipping Incense…
Swirling recklessly inside my head

She dances, swirls and dances
She drowns me with her
Jade-blossoming Smile


The night jasmine is whispering your name
The desert awaits you

Secretly you fall

Let the dark silk caress your sorrow
Let Hypnos dream you

To a sleeping Rose

Your Night breeds Silence

Everything is dormant

Even Hypnos is asleep

So the enchanted gardens

Only bells are sighing from afar…

You dream me back into my dream

I dream you back into your dream