To Lucy

Her Shadow is the mother of all scents
She burns like
Wipping Incense…
Swirling recklessly inside my head

She dances, swirls and dances
She drowns me with her
Jade-blossoming Smile



The night jasmine is whispering your name
The desert awaits you

Secretly you fall

Let the dark silk caress your sorrow
Let Hypnos dream you

To a sleeping Rose

Your Night breeds Silence

Everything is dormant

Even Hypnos is asleep

So the enchanted gardens

Only bells are sighing from afar…

You dream me back into my dream

I dream you back into your dream

The voyage still goes on

 No remembrance

…just echo


  a lingering perfume…

 Your hands

 are still


Your countenance is the map of my Life

Your words…

…awake all dormant summers within me

A never worshiped love

The word is waiting for its echo

Oh, lend me your fleeing season
Lend me your never lived tomorrows

The never worshiped Love