…is as old as the Summer
Her mother is a pyramid
Her father – a random paradox


Impending Summer

I hear a new Breath

I hear…

The promise… – this evanescent hour

A new Voyage…

I am about to fly

Into your impending Summer

It´s like…

…you feel homesick
for a place that doesn’t even exist

…a misplaced memory
a phantom or a wisp now gone

It’s like an unfinished sentence
all meaning lost in missing words”

– Vanessa Mathews

Here is the whole beautiful poem:


Every moment pours like soundless gems

Nothing is the same

Yet I am this Sameness

Breathing but never existing

The silver dagger cuts its inward edge

White blood begins in turn to whisper

The pathless dream

The light is sighing

of undreamed colours

These sorrowful lips

Do you bear a name?

Oh, my name is forlorn

I am these forgotten paths,
Untrodden by steps

Untrodden by yearning

I am the meadows
of indelible fragrance

This meandering beauty

This fading chant
of your afternoon


Hush, you say

The light is dreaming

Unleashed resonance

His words felt like keys to long unopened secret chambers.