Read poetry only to the poet

A rather bitter truth…
Cause really:
How could they ever hear your words unless
at some point they’ve been hit by IT…?


I revel in your endless night
Praying to your celestial shadow

Your purple light enthralls me
In lofty radiant desire

Bless me with flamboyant colors
Turn your royal glance to me

Remember me Goddess
As your most intimate bard

And I will forever praise you
In my hymns.

For Manuela

Even when you descend
you climb
And when you smile
you sigh.

I do not know when,
nor anywhere…

I think I may know you
from a railway station
which has never seen a train.

So please tell me
are you leaving
or coming?

Are you withering

Or shining?


The Night lingers
So does her bashful smile


I walked the never-ending desert

of your barren dreams

I walked and walked…

For interminable ages…

With wings scorched


With weary soul

One late summer night

I saw a hint of trembling Light

It was not the innocent Moon

It was her golden tress

She was lavishly smiling

Near and afar

I knew…

Her sweet echo

had lastly saved me

Afternoon desert

Unmet yesterdays
Unmet nows
Life unlived
Nobody to blame
Everybody to blame

Evening lull

The relentless cathedral
silently watches

I am silent too

The soothing breeze
brings in the Night…


Eternal play
No aim
No destination

Tell me my love

Where do you begin


Where does your shadow finish?

Arioso in reverse

Her life is a symphony of shards.
Don´t play your music too near her – you may cut your strings.