Nothing exists as such

Perspective renders the object.

Whoever lives in cages thinks Being Free is an illness

She commented:

This is beautiful – “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.”

It truly depicts how people see each other, each from their own point of view.

Yes, that too…I answered.

The real issue is that most humans accustomed as they are to self-imposed cages, think in due time that True Living is an illness – and accordingly zealously punish whatever expression of Aliveness…

Now, that!! is the problem of this age.

Will Self saying

From an intellectual point of view, Internet is a great invention. Emotionally, however, things become rather problematic. Social interactions we used to have during the day are no longer possible, as mostly we deal with each other through computer screens and telephones. This is a great loss.

Social networks have replaced the real sense of community. And they are a form of pornography
because they work on the principle of abstract pleasure derived from other people´s experiences.

Very simple

It is as simple as that: happiness or unhappiness is just a point of view. The difficult part is to realize what point of view you hold…