Will Self saying

From an intellectual point of view, Internet is a great invention. Emotionally, however, things become rather problematic. Social interactions we used to have during the day are no longer possible, as mostly we deal with each other through computer screens and telephones. This is a great loss.

Social networks have replaced the real sense of community. And they are a form of pornography
because they work on the principle of abstract pleasure derived from other people´s experiences.

DISTANCE is our name

“How deep…so interesting, but tell me no more, I am busy…”

Mostly, when we bump into great truths we don´t allow them to affect us directly, but relegate them to literature or philosophy, letting them remain nothing but a beautiful saying : “such a poetical and suggestive thing to say” and then return to our affairs.

Indeed, we have invented names and definitions to almost everything, because, isn´t it so?.. Name giving is in fact our inability and refusal to unreservedly partake in whatever moment of Life, creating and holding due distance to everything, raising constantly walls between us and “the other” – whatever is at hand.

DISTANCE is our real name…

What is this distance about really? The unpleasant answer is that great emotions are sort of tabu nowadays. People are terribly afraid to feel. For sure, you would be called a silly moron if you dare express this, but the fact of the matter is that we never allow to be touched more than “necessary”.

Beauty is consigned to museums,”art”, books, films, theater.

Passion is remitted to pornography. Pornography?… – Distance between us and our yearning and passion, between us and Life.  WE LIVE PORNOGRAPHICALLY, don´t we…? It is too damn hard to assume anything for real…

Alas, life is about interaction, about “right” relation to the other, yes, Life is emotion. Only in immediate interaction with others, we learn about ourselves. But our invariable attitude of incessant “distance taking” makes us indeed remain strangers to everything and everybody. We keep away emotions, and therefore never learn anything for real – we never confront and get to know Reality behind the words or names we utter.

We don´t have a clue to anything anymore, AS WE HAVE A FALSE RELATION TO EVERYTHING.

Modernity´s minefield: relation…

Sex, sex, sex

It is so nauseating to see everywhere this vile obsession with sex. Sex, sex, sex is modern man´s God.

One thing is if they were obsessed with real thing. But all this “sex-turmoil”, has nothing to do with sex, it looks more like impotence, and fear of impotence. It is in fact a symptom of inability to feel and live the beauty of life and of real reciprocal contact.

The real wealthy, like the great few lovers live discretely .
Modern man however, is obsessed and boasts with the attributes of his inner emptiness. He doesn´t stand genuine desire, he lives pornographic-ly, sex to him is chasing his own projection, annihilating everything real, transferring his frustration into a hollow image .
The way he treats Sex, the same way he treats Life. He is  foolishly trying to protect his shallowness and falseness, deep down being ashamed and unworthy. He is afraid  of “the other”, MAKING IMPOSSIBLE A REAL ENCOUNTER.
Take a close look at the feminine ideal. Most of the women today want to look, and behave like porn stars. Try to have a simple and normal conversation with them, and see what you get…

Love is to get out of your shell, to reach out for the other, and once you do that, you can love, without the obsession of sex.
I loved my great piano teacher at the Academy, I love Scriabin and Goethe, I loved my grand mother and I had no sex with neither of them.

Real men are looked for

Who is there to teach boys how to be a man? Cause there are no real men left.  Thus, feminism is a cry for the real man – no woman would ever admit that though. The tricky thing is that, on one hand, women are yearning for passion and romance, and at the same time don´t allow that to happen, cause they feel insecure (in absence of a real man) .
That´s why we have all kinds of soap-operas, bull-shit films and pornography, as compensations for things we no longer live in our day-to-day life.