Where there is fear there is no life

What I realize with awe is that Fear constantly supersedes our Here and Now. With other words, It keeps us distanced from our inexorable Presence…

So it´s not about understanding Now, but what hampers us from being profoundly anchored in this moment…

The most prodigious Opulence is the Presence of no Accumulation

Is Romance dead?

“People are way too narcissistic and obsessed with FALSE self images and false idols to realize the Truth of Who They Are or anyone else is.

Love and romance imply action – an action which inherently requires one to be Present, living in the eternal Now. Nobody does this anymore, and I fear soon enough people will stop reproducing out of self-obsession and spite.”

– Paul Hopkins

The Future is Now

Presence contains both Time and the Timeless.

Once you have a great connection with Presence, you don´t a need a “future”,
as everything unfolds accordingly…


A Lingering Encounter

It came out of the blue.

I managed to “capture” this otherworldly scent in few words:

Your invisible nearness – the story of a lingering fragrance.

Nothing worth mentioning happened outside myself, this so soothing Presence was rather triggered by an immediate insight of sorts…but what a poignant feeling of ease and reassurance…

It was quite extraordinary:

There was no yearning anymore. No guilt. No bad conscience. No sense of shortcoming. A blessed feeling that “I” didn´t need to “do” anything specific, since everything was formerly done. Instead of “doing” I felt I was being “done”…Perfect poise…- there was no distinction between me and Living…

So difficult to put this in words. It was an ineffable peace which somehow had no “content”…

Coincidence or not, I bump into Michael Marsh´s article. His words are truly appropriate:

“..you will see the invisible, hear the unspoken, smell the odorless, taste the uneaten, and touch the intangible. Those are the sights, the sounds, the fragrance, the taste, a life in which heaven and earth are joined and humanity and divinity touch.”

“I feel as if I have dropped into my own life and it fits”.

So do I…

As long as you take your idea for reality, Reality will shun you

Eternity is that dimension of “here and now” which thinking and time cuts out.

Read and reread. Bit of a doozy isn’t it?

Even if I concede to this particular definition of eternity (which is very
one-dimensional if you really think about it), what I said originally still holds, eternity and/or reality is still a matter of perception. What you may view as liberating may prove to be confinement for another. Why restrict myself to just one reality when I may soar in my state of limbo, visiting different realities?

Aliveness has nothing to do with definitions. In fact, all definitions and conclusions kill Life.

WHEN THINKING IS IN CHARGE, everything becomes flat and
one-dimensional – be it “mundane” or “celestial”.

You take your Concept for the Reality we hereby refer to. After all, you say it yourself: eternity or reality is a matter of Perception…

Bad news: our perception is often false, because – again – what we know is not the reality per se, but the projection we hold as “reality”
Freedom, or, whatever genuinely liberating, can be a terrible blow to the conditioned mind, indeed, a threat for the already confined perception. After all, we love our confinements, we have put so much effort to raise these thick walls around us…

Mind loves its delusions, it likes to indulge in vacuous dreaming, taking its figments – its limbo as you call it – for “different” realities.

That´s what Mind does: it takes eternity for Fata Morgana, and ascribes Fata Morgana eternal existence.

Now, reality is incredibly dynamic; a many-leveled, subtle but poignant presence, but our very concepts and self-imposed restrictions, which can be termed as one word – Ego –, prevent us from this unmediated perception.

I cannot introduce you to “another” reality as long as your vessel is filled
to the brim.

You might not “believe” me, but give these lines at least the benefit of doubt 😉

An older post of mine about Inspiration

“You challenge me to write at length…” I told her with a blink of an eye that
apparently didn´t get through.

“No challenge…” she answered, “writing is not a competition friend…it is just art, pure and simple, an inner expression brought out for all to see through their own eyes.”

There was nothing but an innocent joke…really. Who can challenge the real creating process …?

Inspiration – as you know – is a fact.
The resonance of a single word said at the right place…

When I said “you challenge me” I meant you might inspire me.

Opposites give birth to each other.
Color and the colorless, Night and Day are each other´s fulfilling complement,
swiftly following each other in perfect equilibrium, never struggling to annul each other – like humans do…

Imagine if people understood this grand and beautiful truth…