Love needs no future – it loves now

There is absolutely no value in the thing called “Future”.

The very thing called “Later” is only the dream of an imbecile, as it doesn´t exist for real. All these “tomorrows”, indeed, the very thing called Time is merely a fearful thought, a shameless speculation.
Really, time is a mere projection, nothing more than a figment of our imagination. IT IS DISTANCE FROM WHAT IS. Time is the outcome of mind, and. Mind – despite its complexity – is nothing but imagination ultimatelyCircles in circles, illusion wrapped in another illusion.

Let me take this again: time is mind, and Mind is basically distance and moving away from What Is, namely This Present Moment. Crassly speaking, Mind fears Life. Mind is the derivative of existential fear.

The only real thing existing is This Moment, now. But Now has no address, no reference. There is no such thing as reference anywhere really, other than in our thinking. Eventually, life itself is a cosmic movement with no reference, or predictable appearance…We viciously try to grasp this huge cosmic movement called Life, with our pathetic tool – Mind… which in the end is nothing but this: conceited and futile wishful thinking.

We have become so utterly insane so we take Mind for Life as if it was the only Supreme Reality.

Consequently, This present moment – Life – is the greatest fear of them all, the most unsolved challenge, the dilemma, the thing invariably considered a menace, something to fight against, something man has to painstakingly and compulsively get rid of.
“What I don´t understand is a menace to me, so I escape whatever threatens me.”

In his constant escaping, man systematically kills life – Life being the projection of his fear. Killing life, he is actually attempting to kill his mind, his fear…Very complicated mechanism: something like,”I am my projection, my projection is everything, but at the same time I yearn to kill my projection” – this seems to be man´s weird and twisted predicament.

Love, like life, simply knows no tomorrow, no “after”, no postponing. Love always lives in the present tense. Love is inherently also Value. Value is the outcome of Love. Value virtually dwells in Love. Whatever we do out of love, flourishes, grows naturally, prospers. Whatever we do out of fear, withers and fails pitifully.

Here is the thing:

We don´t know what Love is cause we are afraid of This Moment, we are afraid of life. Our living is short of Value, because we don´t really live and love. We think, we study, we judge, we measure, we search, we this and that, but al this, IS PURE VANITY ultimately. Madness. Fear of worst kind. It´s atomic bomb…

If you understand this, your whole existence is about to change:

Every time you think, you distance yourself from What Is, from this moment, from Love, from value. Understand that thinking means postponing, thinking means “fearing”, thought is a lapse between you and real Life. If you get this, you begin to see and understand your fear.
When you start being aware of your fear, you begin to understand Now.

You cannot know what love is, unless you understand fear in relation to Mind.

Just remember:


Meaning, The Mirror of Now

What is this thing called Future?… It is hope, fear, expectation, doubt, uncertainty, frustration… In short, future is ideal and fear of ideal. Will it happen, will it not…?”, “what happens next?”, “what´s the next step, how shall I proceed with this or that?”

I won´t induce in philosophical speculation, I just wonder: What if future didn´t exist? What would happen if we took a healthy choice and eliminate “future” at least for a while…?

The consequence of this would be unimaginable: If there is no future there would be no ideal either. No ideal – no fear.

Yes, future means basically projection, doens´t it?…No future – no fear – no projection. What is projection? Projection means that we give ourselves away. We give our force away, our hopes, vitality, strength and fears to something uncertain basically.  What if we took home all projections, projecting them on this very moment…? For sure, we would retrieve ourselves in this very second…- we would start being real, being exactly how we are.

WE HAVE INVENTED THE FUTURE BECAUSE WE FEAR THIS MOMENT! Our fear to find out what or who we are, has become “future”. There is no future! Future is fear!

When we let go of the fear, future and projection, we begin to perceive Now in unfathomable ways – this present moment will start reveal a beauty, mystery and richness beyond measure. Every single thing will mean something. You will start having a right relation both to yourself and with things around you. You start perceiving YOUR INTRINSIC MEANING. Your immediate perception of your specific meaning is your greatest asset, your richness. You will find peace. Clarity. You will do less but achieve more.

Have you ever wondered why people are so greedy and poor inside always going around complaining?…Because their life usually is devoid of sense. They irretrievably look for meaning and fulfillment in the future… But Meaning never resides in the future…Only fear does…

We never live in the future, we live now, don´t we…? Only Now knows the secret of Our Meaning. Meaning means Fulfillment.

A comment from a wise man

Seeing was the way away from me for me.
Waiting was refusal of the only everlasting present moment.
Now seeing what is, is all there is.

You need an innocent mind

You need an innocent mind, a fresh mind, a mind which is not cluttered up with the known. An innocent mind is a mind which functions in the unknown, and dying to the known is the door to the unknown. The unknown is not measurable by the known. Time cannot measure the timeless, the eternal, that immensity which has no beginning and no end. But our minds are bound to the yardstick of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and with that yardstick we try to inquire into the unknown, to measure that which is not measurable. And, when we try to measure something which is not measurable, we only get caught in words.So, it is only a mind that has listened to and understood the challenge of death -it is only such a mind that can die to its own miseries and therefore be in a state of innocency. And, from that state of innocency, there is a totally different action altogether. Such action is always in the present; it is the active present. Only the mind that lives completely in the silence of the active present is open to receive the unknowable, and it is only such a mind that can bring about a new world because only such a mind is in a state of creation.

– J. Krishnamurti,

A thought for today

When you are totally aware of this present moment, you can´t ever possibly feel unhappy or depressed. It sort of means that both unhappiness and depression have to do with memory.

Our culture is build on memory. Unfulfillment means memory, every drama is memory as well.

Is there a drama in this very moment as you read this?

Imagine if there was no remebrance to remember…? Just presence…No “there and then” only here and now…

Who is the observer?

Isn´t it strange?… Is it possible to observe the present moment, with a totally unbiased frame of mind?…

The moment we see something, observe something…- it feels as if it´s not we observing, but our past with its notions, habits, preferences.

Who is the observed? And who´s actually this observer? Do we know anything about him?

As this observer abides in the past, being the result of our experience and conditioning, how can we ever rely on his perception?

My question is:

Is there a way to grasp this very Now without memory, without thought and preconception?

Do we really possess anything at all…?

I have this queer feeling sometimes, that you do something… you write….say something, you know you´ve been through something, that you have lived something…and yet…nothing is left out of all these things…

You wonder, quite rightly, if everything is nothing more than a dream…

 It feels like the present moment, – NOW – IS, AND REMAINS EMPTY…Imponderable.

And there you start again, building, chiseling, working hard to find the quintessence, and…you come to the same point when you feel you have done nothing…other than castles on the sand…

I begin to understand Buddhist monks who create the most beautifully intricate mandala and just throw it in the water when it is finished…

For sure, the only permanent thing is impermanence…