“Who said I want to be happy?”

The absence of problems would make most people totally nonplussed. In fact, if problems would disappear, they would disappear along with them…So for many a man, being problem and conflict free would be an unimaginable hell…

The insane ego pondering

“My worst fear is that I am you…like you…in relation with you. So I fiercely refuse to admit that we are One – that we share the same Drama…- that your pain, loss and problems are also mine.

I thus obsessively empower and re-enact my being SO different from you, so that I can maintain the magical lie of being special – that is, separated from you.

Don´t you ever come near me.


Just know

Look around!

The solution to whatever problem is usually not in the place you look for…

The source of all our issues

All problems – and I mean ALL PROBLEMS we are facing – stem from metaphysical indistinctness.