Happiness is beyond punishment and retribution

We are hallucinated by our prevalent beliefs – tributary to a totally biased and indecently obtuse way of living:

Namely that Life is about punishment and retribution. In simple words, that we are not supposed to be joyful and merry unless we deserve it.

Such arrogant crap inculcated by those wickedly greedy bastards who have moulded our society. Really, LIFE gives a shit about our idiotic bargaining with It:

Freedom is at the beginning – it´s never an outcome of anything.

Meaning that


Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool

Actually the source of troubles of humans come from indoctrination. 
Indoctrination is found in schools, laws, politics. We live in a very institutionalized society. We are robots.

How do we undo this?


Doctrine: “a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject. A particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government.” The government has simply taken over the position that Church once held. The same lies in different guises.

As I said above: there are those who crave for control, thus manipulating and deceiving, and the others who allow themselves to be deceived. Every form of reign plays with and propagate Fear. Coercion and authority is thus the outcome of punishment and retribution, which, again, stem from Fear…We therefore have imagined a coercive society which exists because most humans are afraid to ask, explore and expose themselves to The Real Questions.

So, people would rather be manipulated and turned into robots, than having the guts to be Free and look deeply into the nature of Freedom, and hence, be responsible.

Where Life is scarce, Moral is also lacking and so rules, bans and laws become our prevalent goods…

So basically there is nothing to “undo”. We cannot break free from something which actually exists only on an imaginary level…We simply have to look impartially and courageously into the nature of Fear…

Freedom can be too triggering

Freedom scares as It entails great responsibility.

Responsibility means courage to respond and stand up for yourself, namely, to question and dispassionately examine whatever form of Authority. Freedom is to challenge your very identification with Fear.

Can we challenge our outdated fear and duality-based demeanour, bring forth another more healthy and bearing perspective? Can we be free of the urge of dominating or being dominated, to be free of the compulsiveness of “I am right-you wrong”, can we let go of and restrain from all projection?

But alas…Freedom from the obsession of punishment and retribution can be too triggering for many, to say the least…

Too much benevolence scares them

Punishment and retribution – this entrenched conditioning is what people
take for life.

Consequently what is easily given is not taken seriously, it is hardly accepted. If you don´t believe me, ask what women think of men who give themselves too easily…

That is so, most humans suppose they always have to fight, to strife; indeed to break their necks in order to reach a valuable result is the thing.

Twisted and paradoxical human nature:
The worse the fight, the more desirable the outcome…

Ask me, I´ve been there: it is really counterproductive to be all too nice and gracious with people – as they think you are an easy catch and thus might not appreciate you. In fact, they most likely will disregard you, taking you for a fool.

So don´t sell yourself too cheaply, put a high price on yourself and give moderately. Above all, don´t forget to punish them, otherwise they won´t endorse you. 😉