Whether it’s one’s specific karma or not, no one can tell..

Fact is that one has been punished in a “double” sense: not only you have suffered like hell from an erred heritage handed down by society, re-enacted and inflicted on you by immature and unconscious parents, but later on in life, this dysfunctional legacy deeply grafted within, made you an easy target for other people’s unresolved projections and hateful emotions….

Such a terrible agony to have been the object and depositary of this, sometimes subtle, sometimes fierce enmity nobody acknowledges, which is nevertheless more real than “real”.

Nothing thrives in Distance

Everything in our today-world, is based on distancing ourselves from, counteracting and thwarting the spontaneously natural:

L I F E…

Whatever is genuine – our most heartfelt longing, the healthy desire, the constructive and unbridled joy – is denied and strenuously rejected.

Can you see that it’s this damn distance between me and you which is the basis of all disease, unhappiness, suffering and depression?… Indeed, it is this very absence of nearness between us, which turns all simple and obvious things – to have a home, to eat, to socialize – into inaccessible luxury…

Isn´t it so?…- when you’re not truly living, you will compensate this un-living through shamelessly high prices, right?… – it costs multum to be part of this constant punishment this society tenaciously maintains.

To stubbornly maintain and perpetuate this distance to Life, is to eliminate all healthy relation between us.

When there is no relation, we are jerking off independently – and this monstrous current masturbation, is called “living”…


It´s all it takes – ONE SECOND

Paradoxically, what makes the whole thing unspeakably difficult is that it is childishly easy; and being so “easy”, for most people becomes thus incomprehensible.

“It can not be, you are fooling me.”

We recognize but the difficult, the twisted, the whimsical, the distorted.

To most people, the miracle of “Life happening this very second” is some kind of abstruse, impossible “philosophical” truth, something which needs exercise, sacrifice to be “obtained”.

But this is the crux:


There is no road to it. No journey to undertake. Nothing to arrive at.

You either Live This Second or bargain it away for a promise. The empty promise of a future retribution.

It is terribly tragic and surreal: people go from one idea to another, changing experience to another experience, travelling, working, substituting relation after relation, and at the end of the day, they learn Nothing. ZERO!! Nada…

It is mind-blowing really: most humans don´t even get to know a single thing for real, as they never allow to be touched by the glimpse of A TRUE SECOND.

It´s all it takes: ONE SECOND. If you do one thing devotedly – understanding and approprating it pervasively – everything will rightly unfold!

It´s all that simple: Either you open yourself, trusting – thus fully living – this second as it comes, allowing it to guide you, or fight against it – against yourself really -, creating nothing but punishment, pain, sorrow and misadventure.

A Glimpse of Truth

In few seconds, I saw her fear like never before.

I realized in great awe, that I was afraid of her fear.

I was afraid to be punished for her inability to face her fear and be in her now,
in tuned with herself, with Who She Really Was.

She didn´t manage to be who she was in reality.
She invariably put the blame on me, for not being able to be herself.

I was in my turn, and tacitly agreed to be, a kind of secret victim of her inner drama. We were each other´s distance to ourselves…
We were each others´s victim.

Was she acting out my fear to myself…? Was I reinforcing her and my own distance?

Was her punishment my own response to my own shunning of my fear…?

Why do we punish each other?

Well, we agree that PUNISHMENT is a huge suject-matter.

We must first of all define the word “punishment” – I think it is the act that causes suffering intended to correct a person who has done something wrong.
This starting point already breeds a second question: who is the judge to do so?…

The parent is the judge, when educating the child …
The officer judges improper behavior on the road …
There is obviously a rule that allows someone who has learned from others before him the rule base.
But WHAT IS THIS BASIC RULE? Is it Common sense, Rationality?…

It is all very subjective…or not?

As you say, Who is this judge…? Who is “right” and who “wrong”…? Who is correcting who…and why?

Whatever we do, every single action can be “correct” in some people´s eyes, or incorrect according to others…

From immemorial times, Man is said to have done something wrong and so he secretly thinks he deserves to be punished. Man has internalized this lie and so authority was created.
Authority – the one who is “in charge” – is given the right to punish and correct. “I am the authority, I know better, you have to conform to my knowledge otherwise you are not ok…”

Parents “punish” their kids through wrong education, church punishes through its doctrine of fear, women punish and manipulate men in order to exercise their power, all in all, the thing we call state is nothing but the sum of our irrational fears and reciprocal punishment.


The idea of punishment is as old as Man…and although we call ourselves modern, these entrenched ideas still control us…

Again…Is there such thing as a ubiquitous authority? Do we need authority at all…?

Do we still think we deserve to be punished because we live…? Or do we think that we deserve to love and be loved…?

As Augustine said: Love and do whatever you please…He might have a point there…

What is money really?

Yes, this seems to be an impossible topic. Even more impossible task to render in few words.
But as I always want to keep it simple, here is the deal:

Money is the direct and indirect outcome of man´s idea of effort, punishment, suffering,
fear, projection and compensation.

Does Man know anything about worth or his self-worth? Hard question…

Worth derives from man´s idea of effort, and as man secretly thinks he deserves to be punished, it means that Worth is a relief, some kind of time out from suffering. Man´s image of Worth is thus a derivative of punishment.

Effort equates punishment, that is fear to be. Effort is the distance from What is, to What it can be, that is, a mere projection. Man fears his projection, it is serious stuff as Projection is becoming. Deprive man of his projection of becoming and he is lost.

Thus money is just an attempt to equate worth, a substitution for effort and resistance, a compensation for suffering and fear to be, indeed, man´s abstract means to reach his illusory projection.

It´s hard to speculate what would happen if humans saw through and dropped this immemorial illusions of time, suffering, effort, punishment and fear…

For now, it is maybe a Utopia, but just imagine if we all were happy – would there be anyone to punish…?
If there was no one to punish, would there be any projection of your self-worth…?
Give it a thought:
If we all were all happy and free to find our real existential motivation, if no fear was to compensate,
would there be any need for money then?…

If everybody was happy, who would be there to put a price in an unfathomable rich Universe…?

The human predicament

I punish myself therefore I live.

Masters of nothingness

We are busy here, working hard to do nothing.

So act busy, pretend you´are doing something, if you wanna be with us.

Reality scares and embarrasses us, so don´t you dare
be yourself and do anything for real, cause we will harshly punish you for that.

Truth and punishment

‎Don´t you dare tell me the truth cause I will punish you 🙂 and above all, let me punish myself in peace …