Tune your instrument before you play it

There is no clear destination or predefined purpose in life.
The only worthwhile goal is your being tuned with yourSelf now.

Dwell in your own harmony, in your own trust.

Find your own pace and measure.

The beautiful music of your True Being.

About meaning and purpose

I will re-post this as it really makes sense:


Life is long and you have time

You hear everybody complaining that life is short.

Let me tell you – life feels short cause we don´t really live it. WE ARE SO BUSY TRYING TO LIVE, SO WE END UP NOT LIVING.

Everybody works hard to be someone, to be effective, to seize the moment, seize opportunities, to be this or that. There is never enough time for the one living in falseness and in greed.

How can you be other than “short” in this ghastly race?

Yes, life feels short for the one not living his real purpose, for the one chasing Being through obstinately fighting against fear.

Fear means shortage. Fear creates time, and the more you try to win time, the less time you have, the more frustrated you become.

I will tell you without any doubt: LIFE IS LONG, YOU HAVE ALL TIME IN THE WORLD!

Life feels long when you stop chasing yourself, when you calm down, when you breathe with trust, when you learn to feel at ease, being simple, feeling gratitude.

A couple of hours or an afternoon can feel eternally long and meaningful when you are yourself, when you live your purpose, when you let the certainty of Peace and Joy overflow your senses.

Peace makes time wither. Every movement and gesture you make being in Peace feels a blessing.

Let go of this or that. Be yourself, be simple! Rest assured all is well!

Rest and Trust will show you that Life is long, that you have all time in the world.


Meeting a good friend today, made me realize again that  LIFE IS ABOUT FEELING.

The most important thing there is, is TO FEEL ALIVE. All other things are really secondary.

I might have said it before and I say it again : at the end of the day Life counts when we are in touch with our emotions.

To live intellectually – as many people unfortunately do – is a terrible nuisance. In fact, to live intellectually is not to live at all.

We all want life to have meaning, to have a purpose…

It may sound sentimental, but I say beyond any doubt:


I will illustrate my statement.

Now, after the encounter I mentioned  today, – my friend told me something so wise and powerful – I was incredibly moved, not being able any longer to control my feelings.

I felt how this feeling was swirling inside and outside me, somehow permeating everything around me.

Usually, this blog has between 5-15 visitors daily. Today there were 51 views! This is no coincidence.

It is love and feeling which attract all blessings…