The one who´s fooling himself, will also fool you

If you fail to see the other as you

…you will also fail seeing you as YOU.

You are already what you want to become

The very fact that you are trying hard to be someone and achieve something,
prevents you from being someone and achieving something worthwhile

No matter how obvious their distress, you can never help those who don´t want to be helped

In vain you try to help, if they refuse to help themselves

If Nothing is the priority, everything becomes equally important

Watch your steps when you are near

As soon as you begin to sense your unity with the real Self, the psychological identity is going to rise up for its biggest fight; a fight to protect its very survival. It will not give up its illusory hold on the beingness that easily. It will use every trick to prevent you from discovering your real nature.
But don’t be afraid.
You have the real power on your side and it is important to remember this when the mind attacks. You can transcend its influence by remaining as the formless and unmoving Seer.

– Mooji