Knowing thyself includes starting from where we are as opposed to where we feel we should be

While there is nothing inherently wrong with affirmations and positive thinking, often these ideas act as another form of self-rejection.

Maria Estes

(Courtesy of Monica Cassani)

The least of things with a meaning

…is worth more in life than
the greatest of things without it.

– C. G. Jung

These could be my words

The older and more mature I get the more wonder I acquire…and in that way I become more, rather than less, child-like.

– Monica Cassani

I was born when all I feared – I could love.

Rabiʿa al-Basri

We meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it

 ~ Carl Gustav Jung

We have become slaves under our habit to flee

– Krishnamurti

Could our interpretations drive us to misery?

Could yogic and Buddhist philosophies be correct when they tell us we suffer from delusion, and that ignorance of our true situation roots us in torment?

Why not choose healing rather than desolation?

Why not choose what makes life more livable? Why not choose to see yourself as embedded in a living, feeling universe, one that’s aware in its deepest layers, rather than a dead mass of sand?

If you insist that you must make the “logical” choice and remain true to facts regardless of emotional cost, ask yourself these questions: Can you be sure your logic is correct? Are the facts open to alternate interpretation? Besides, what makes you believe logic the most reliable tool?
Is the mind always wiser than the heart?

(Quoted from

Sometimes the psyche upsets us in order for us to go further with our life and our thoughts

– James Hillman

Great truth in this

The other side of anxiety is desire.
They exist in relationship to each other, not independently.

~ Mark Epstein