How do you recognize a good book?

There are innumerable “good” books which bring no real benefit.

Whenever I read something I look for the perfume in between the words. If I don´t detect the indefinable flavour, I put it aside at once.
A good book or text, appeals to me beyond its words – it exudes a magic energy.

Thus, if something is real, it will seize me right from the first page. I have no time nor patience for languorous words without strong essence.

There is nothing to wait.

Like every good thing, a good book will enthrall you from the very beginning.

Just once

We changed few words. I found out she was 17.

 – Do you ever read any books? I asked her curiously.
– Only when I am abroad, she answered rather disturbed and embarrassed.
– So how many times have you been abroad?
– Just once…

A word to Tom

Apart from the fact that you put words to my, so-called, blogging experience as well, I want to tell you that your writing has a vivid kind of immediate pragmatism, eloquent rhythmicity, poetical quality and insight, brightly reaching out, that makes a text really worth reading.

There are people who have something to say – and yet their writing lacks that kind of inner suppleness, without which the text conveys no vigour.

Rhythmical emphasis and snapping but caressing words…Vim…this is what makes a text worthwhile.
Personally, if I detect that this ineffable quality is missing from a text I don´t continue reading. The truth of the matter is that due to this reason I don´t read much anymore.

But I do enjoy reading you 🙂 I don´t know if you´ve ever pondered, but if you managed to write a novel in this meaningful tone of yours, it would be a winner.

You say:

“My work is intertwined now with theirs”… Indeed a real creator hears and gives expression to many voices around.
This is the difference between “serious” undertaking and shallowly pursuing a vapid idea.

In fact, the more we come out of the shell into real togetherness, the grander the inspiration and powerfull impact we´ll spread.

Why I usually don´t read novels

I usually don´t read novels because most of them are incredibly prosaic and a real waste of precious time.

Some time ago I read a novel by a contemporary Swedish author, Torgny Lindgren. I was more curious about the translation, so I read it in Romanian. Although the book wasn´t that thick, it didn´t manage to catch my interest as it was rather dull.

At some point in the book, there were these three lines! which attracted my attention. Reflecting on them, I said to myself that these three lines were the most interesting in the whole book.

Believe it or not, reading the afterword of the book, the writer notified the reader that THE WHOLE BOOK WAS BUILT UP ON THE VERY THREE LINES I had found worth reading.

Damn, I was enraged. On one hand, I was really grateful for possessing this ability of clear judgement, detecting Value in an ocean of waste-paper, on the other hand I wondered:

Why the hell write a whole book when what you had to say takes only three lines?