A short dialogue

He said:

“I am afraid I do not have much of an answer for these questions at the moment, but I will try to reflect upon these in the near future.”


I have found satisfying answers to different questions, but I still keep asking those questions till  I get even more exhaustive answers.

The main idea is not trying to give answers yet, as the answers will emerge gradually as we linger and embrace these searing questions without resistance.


The Glorious Unseen

Isn´t it funny?

I searched for answers my whole life. When I most ardently needed them, they never came.
When I ceased to want any, they came. Like tonight…

There I was, feeling how the answers came…but not wrapped in words, but folded in the most delicate and ethereal quietness. Oh, that ineffable calm which transcends all thought…

They came when I had given up…without really being aware I had let go of everything in that moment…So who was there…? Me perceiving them, or they perceiving me…?

Such an incredible unshakable assuredness:

As my ego was absent, I literally felt that Life exists beyond form, and through contact with this unspeakable perennial formlessness, all manifested forms pale…Not that the manifested isn´t real or important, but I realized like never before, that Joy, Happiness and real Contentment are not to be found at the level of manifested form, but beyond, in the Unseen.

I am very much aware that without a personal experience of this, what I say now seems totally preposterous and far-fetched. I cannot expect you to believe me on this, but as my surname is Matei, 🙂 I will take the risk and ask permission to say the following:

Give up your ego, and in that humbleness seek and await the Glorious Unseen, and in that Joy that transcends all thought, all things you dream about will be given you.