These are not “mere words”

Man´s greatest fear is the encounter with his invisible self.

Unless you come in contact and realize the eternal, imperishable you,
everything will be totally devoid of sense.

No more, no less.

Our wonderful prison

It is unbelievable to see all these people searching for contact and communication. But on-line, never in real life, oh no…
Everybody is checking their Facebook account no matter if they are lonely in a café with laptops, or travelling by subway with their smart phones.
The phone has become smarter and smarter, and the users ever more retarded. Not knowing anymore how to behave freely, people have forgotten how to handle another person, what to do in a real contact.

They all yearn for contact, BUT ON A DISTANCE. “Don´t you dare approach me”, that´s the tacit message you get.

Freedom is always on the internet, because real life feels nowadays like a perfect prison.