A reminder

The purpose of this so-called blog is unrestrained meaningful dialogue, and as a consequence of this dialogue, longed-for Solutions may arise.

We are here to talk about things that previously we had no words for.

Hopefully we can heed one another, and through articulating what feels wrong,
we can help each other recover from the malaise of this present age.

We can learn to listen to each other in a new, reciprocally beneficial way,
backing each other, learning a new vocabulary of a new,
hitherto unknown and unallowed togetherness.

A comment to Paul about Change

“The world fails more than it works.” you say.

I agree on that – failing has become our legacy and virtue…yet I wonder:

Can you “make” your own life work more than it fails…? Can you realize your real potential albeit the depressing and revolting general state of things? Cause in my question lies the Solution and Change everybody is looking for outwardly…

I said it earlier – you are a sum of All there is and the sum is you. When you bring about a real improvement within you, the whole Sum will instantly know and benefit from this. This entails that you heed my words now:

We can spend a lifetime whining about the world – we are indeed entitled to do this, but you know…ultimately it makes no difference to utter the “Present Truth”. Constantly considering the unpleasant deprives us of all our energy. We kind of get stuck into “present reality”. We simply have to make a mind switch changing our focus – from obsessively concentrating on the problem, to gradually giving all our unreserved attention to Solution.

The difference comes as each and everyone becomes a living example of how we want to live. We have to bring about a Sustainable Solution inside of us, in our present life – NOW…With other words, YOU AND ME HAVE TO INVENT ANOTHER “TRUTH”…We have to bring forth “another reality”…That´s kind of why are we here…Not at all easy, but we once took deliberately this challenge.

My best “advise” to you (and to myself too) is to come to grips with What Is the Real You. It is imperative to take the step into healing and bring soothing calm and joy into our life. Understand that you are the world, and again, when you improve, the world improves.