Beyond definition

There has always been something you were looking for, something hardly definable which eluded all classification, something more resembling a sweet scent, than a palpable reality.

They all said I was chasing a delusion.
I say that this concrete world we take for real is the biggest bogus, and that the
non-existent, is more “real” than real.

Beyond undertaking

Happiness which is rendered by any purpose is projection at best, and at worst, self-delusion – particularly when “sustained” by hope. As hope is a synonym for fear of Now…for escaping what is.

Reality is not something you escape into…

This may sound utterly far-fetched


Truth is that


Can we ever win over Mind?

Whatever is fragmented is at loss.Trying to win over the mind therefore turns you inevitably into a loser. Because mind itself is the outcome of a loss. Of fragmentation. Ultimately of a conflict.

So the only gain to be derived out of this is therefore the lucid understanding of this blatant fact:

Mind, being spawned by fear, has to dissolve in order for Reality – which is Wholeness – to arise…

Woe betide you if you fail to see the “double”

So-called tangible reality can be pleasant or daunting, but nevertheless, even when it’s tough, you can find a solution – a way to come to grips with it.

What scares me though are the omens. The metaphor – the “double”, i.e. the secret story going on behind and beside our conscious narratives.
One needs an incredible readiness, sensitivity and astuteness to listen, heed, decipher, discern, sort out and take on what is being whispered “around”.

The metaphor can make itself heard in dreams, but more often than not, you need to “seize” the dream being awake…- as what we call “awake” is real, yet it’s another dream…The metaphor cannot be approached logically. It totally baffles and derides Reason. It is often explained away by most humans, but falling short to hear its vague and often contradictory message, can be fatal…

In order to approach and grasp the metaphor requires the rare faculty of thinking and apprehending with the soul and not with the mind – something that no one teaches you in this present society. Woe betide those though who fail to see and heed it, harshly disqualifying it as preposterous and delusional “stuff”.

I have innumerable examples: those who bluntly ignored it ended up in huge torment, trouble, sickness and even death, while those who were actively aware of its presence, thrived, found their true vocations, being able to “outwit” odd and fateful occurrences….

Undoubtedly, the metaphors have repeatedly saved my life…
Without them I wouldn’t have been writing these very words…

If you fail to see it in the minutest small, you will never achieve it on a grand scale either

Literature, like abstract philosophy, is outdated

“I discovered this too”, says Narelle. “After a long love affair with literature, I discovered something far more enchanting: