Reason is ultimately pure madness

That´s why everybody is reasonably fucked up.

Unless you realize the necessity of giving up being “reasonably mad”,
you´ll stay mad.

Right or wrong relation?

I have been quiet lately as I’ve been attempting to break off the relationship with the inappropriate partner.

I am hoping to catch up on blog reading soon! I enjoy your thoughts and ponderings enormously. A healthy life should always allow room for questions.

Is “thinking” the outcome of experience, or is that “reason”? (Or, even “emotion”?) …I believe “thinking” to be a far more abstract process beyond the known. Reason would find it difficult to understand transcendence as it is trying to base outcomes on “totalised” and averaged past experiences, no? While thought allows for scenarios not yet experienced to be included in the process?


The question is whether you are attempting to, or really breaking off this “relation”.

You´re the one to honestly establish this.

Indeed so: A healthy life should always allow room for questions…- but not less important, it should allow a due space for true and meaningful answers too…

Verily, Thinking is the outcome of past experience, the constant reinforcing the old patterns – that is, the Known Patterns.

Perfectly put: Reason would find it difficult to understand transcendence as it is trying to base outcomes on totalised and averaged past experiences.

We could speculate for ever what being from thought is; what transcendence is…How can we ever know, i.e, have a direct experience of it, while attempting to “seize” it with our blunt perception of all yesterdays?

We can only know it, if we manage to “appropriate” the inhumanly difficult task of emptying the mind.

Emptying the mind meaning renewal. Renewal, which implies the courage to die to all past experience.

I say “inhumanly difficult task” as most humans will never escape the mundane “I-experience”, and will rather prefer to remain stuck forever in the narrow limits of suffering and agony, than taking the step out of falseness.

There is a strong element of perversity in human nature, which is hard to fathom. People would rather “choose” to attract appalling disease and even physical death, than having the courage to change.

There is something though, which can be termed as “right mind”. Right measure. Right relation. Right emotion.

This “right mind” is mind-lessness – the death of thought. The death of “me-emotion”.

It is no longer the presence of an absence – ego -, but Presence itself, which is indefinable Simplicity.

Call it Transcendence, Suchness, unfathomable Mystery.

This Mystery – Life – to Man, is naught but a pure abstraction, as long as man relates with and is caught in the projection of his crazed separate ego.

That being said, can we see it that this inappropriate partner is the false self within us, and that the vicious relation to it, brings nothing but misery and wretchedness?

The Buddha with no name

Being a devoted Buddhist means denying your natural human instincts and desires

I am no Buddhist, but if you let yourself believe that Buddhism is about “denying your natural human instincts and desires” is a total misconception.
It´s most likely the fault of many deluded minds calling themselves “Buddhists”, who have promulgated this stupid misunderstanding.

Buddhism is not about denial. It´s about questioning the world of our senses, pointing to a Reality which is ever-present yet beyond time, thought and duality.

The essence of Buddhism – or for that matter, the essence of any true religion – is not to be found in Sutras, Bibles, or God knows what other holy books.

Reality doesn´t lend itself to words…It has nothing to do with Reason, it´s more a kind of feeling-less feeling…;)
Of course, my words may sound totally unsubstantiated, unless you experience it for yourself. It´s a hell of a work, or un-work…

Very few ever know it, if any…

A great disorder

I find Thomas Ross ´post incredibly moving and meaningful. Here it is:

My expectations explode against hard reality.

I end up not where I am supposed to be.

Nothing unfolds according to plan.

Just once, could things happen as they are supposed to happen?  Just one, could what I seek come my way as I imagined?

In Zen we say that all things exist in disorder but against a background of perfect harmony.  I have tried in so many ways to see and feel that harmony.  I have even pretended to grasp it.  But I don’t.  I feel no order or harmony – just swirling and cruel chaos.

Where is this harmony?  How can it be mine?

All this grief and questioning and doubt, I now understand, arise from one simple mistake.  I keep supposing that I can control what will come.  I imagine that when I do X today, then Y will happen tomorrow.  I seek to impose order upon the disorder.  And when I fail, as I must, I rage against it all.

The harmony, I know, is right there.  Waiting for me.  The key to that ecstatic existence is right here.  Simple acceptance.  Undiluted, sure, steady acceptance of all that is and all that I am.

I know these things.  And I know that I am moving closer and closer to that way of being.  Substituting that simple truth for that simple mistake.  To be purged of rage, filled with gratitude and acceptance.

My comment:
Where are we supposed to be…? WHO is supposing, and above all – WHY?…

Homer put this in a grand manner:
God has bestowed man with Reason, in order for us to understand that It is of no avail.

The Secret of Existence baffles us each step. I do wonder how others seem to get things done according to a plan. Anticipated agenda…- it never works for me. It´s almost a curse, whatever I try, fails.

To be honest, I no longer know WHAT works.

Both “harmony” and “disharmony” must go. Harmony, real unadulterated harmony is the Death of Concept, the thing we fear most…Only that Primordial Silence is The Unwavering Sound.

The impending question is: Can we ever know – that is, have any preconceived idea – what Death is?…
Or are we supposed to simply die to whatever control, expectation and “mistake” entails…?

The kind of Order we seek is neither “order” or “disorder”. It is overwhelmingly irrational.
Mazy. Intriguing. But indefectable.

Our concept of Being always loses the battle no matter how subtle its agenda is…
The hardest lesson is thus, to learn to un-be.

To know means equally to have the guts to “not know”…”Closer” is a vague denomination…There are no degrees as to “nearness” or far. Far is near, near can be far…Fear is near, fear can be far…
You know that very well by now.

Let it be a mistake. “Failing” can be the guide to the unmistakable..

The simultaneity of opposites

There is this extraordinary word in Greek: χαρμολύπη – harmolypi, which I don´t think is to be found in any other language.
It means to be sad and joyous at the same time. Paradoxical, isn´t it? Not easy for our reasoning mind to grasp this.

We think that we are either sad or glad, we are either this or that. But what if there is no such thing as “either or”…? Especially when it comes to emotion, when it comes to real life.

Reason is univocal choice, – “this” and “not that” – reason is the outcome of constant dissociation, it is distance between one thing or another.
Reason is the outcome of conflict ultimately – conflict between opposites – that is, it can function only in the range of two-ness – to illustrate – either the inside or the outside, you are either tall or short, ugly or beautiful, good or bad.  Oneness is for Reason the ultimate threat, as reason can only exist within fragmentation, in fact REASON IS FRAGMENTATION.

Within oneness there is not such thing as only good or bad, more but not less, only dark or lesser light, obviously – the inside is the outside and vice versa. Everything is interplay, everything is intertwined.

Oneness is both dark and light, cold and warm, up and down and all the shades there in between.

All classifications and categories are the outcome of reason. Reason has invented time – the interval between one thing and another – that is, distance. Distance means either near or far…Reason means suffering cause it tries hardly to be either “near or far”, always fighting “for or against”. Reason is struggle, it is constant judgement, reason is projection. Reason always tries to compensate its missing counterpart – wholeness. Abuse or violence is also reason´s way to compensate its fragmentation, to reach unity. More of this in another post. What I am trying to emphasise now, is that classification breeds fragmentation and fragmentation is misfortune.

“Either or” is the beginning of suffering!! Reason means eventually affliction.

Life is all-embracing, “whole” and simultaneous. You are both near and far, ugly and beautiful, existing and non – existing, you are light and you are darkness. Move swiftly, don´t get stuck in one thing or another – unless you want to be unhappy.

Get to know thoroughly both sides of reality, be “together”, learn to explore the opposites in Oneness. And when you have learned the secret of extremes, you will see that Oneness is both joy and sorrow, light and darkness, existence and non-existence – but also neither nor.

Yes, when you have learned the secret of the opposites you will know that Oneness is neither light nor darkness but ever-existing and non-existing Joy.

A comment to Paul


Thank you for writing this – I too have problems with science, specifically psychology and psychiatry. The very notion that someone;’s entire Being can be described scientifically is absurd. Actually, I thought I wanted to study psychology until I learned it is taught in college or university as a science. That totally turned me off, and is a big part of why I am attracted to philosophy.

I only read this once, but I still think there is a role for science in society – as you probably agree. However, science is merely descriptive, or a way of describing the natural world in numbers and figures. This, if not careful can lead one to believe that is all there is to the world, negating the power and value of the Self.

Just a thought, but is there not a place for both science and philosophy?


All the greatest scientists and innovators were acutely aware of the vital importance of soul and inspiration, yet Science as we know it today, reinforces invariably Reason in the detriment of other more subtle qualities, which can be termed as intuition, soul, divine inspiration.

It overlooks and rather disregards these great human resources.

If science hasn´t found it, it means that Soul doesn´t exist – that is what most people think. And the outcome of this existential outlook is our very lugubrious and absurd age which invariably denies – and deprives itself of – emotion. In plain words, indirectly – and alas even directly – science negates the power and value of Self. Look from what defective grounds medicine derives from…

Very few humans go against this erroneous approximation, and these are the ones who also realize something of consequence.

The greatest scientists before were also great philosophers versed in spirituality. As I said initially, Descartes, Newton and Darwin have modeled this scientific outlook which has divorced itself from “real life”.

If you want to study psychology, don´t let yourself be discouraged – there are other courses of action as well. In my opinion, judging from what you go through – your depression – by the time you will totally recover from it, having understood things from the inside, you can help others. You have talent, you can do a lot of things.

Take it step by step and trust your gut feeling – one thing does not exclude the other.

We are our stories

We are a sum of all these stories…

If we run out of stories, we run out of life. Stories are not seditious facts that we are bombarded with daily, but deep meaningful aspects of our ageless humanity. If we lose our real stories, we lose our humanity.

As never before we need real storytellers. We need food for our soul, we need to re-embark on the never-ending journeys to the magic land of our phantasy. What is going on the level of our phantasy and dreams, is not just nonsensical silly figments, but something very central
for the well-being of our Psyche, something which opens the door to an enhanced reality.

In fact, what we see and experience around us, is the outgrowth of the stories we keep telling to ourselves.

I remember a man of modest means once telling me that without stories he would die… I was so moved…

So, I am about to ask something very important:

What stories do you keep telling inside of you? Is our life a series of empty cynical facts as we are expected to believe, or a glorious tale worth telling…?

I, for one, have never encountered any person of success who hasn´t somehow raised beyond pure empiricism into the noble essence of phantasy. And that´s exactly the right use of their phantasy, which is the outcome of their success.

Late one night after a concert in Malmö, I once met a wealthy man. He confided to me that he once met an interesting man and believe or not – what they did, was spending time together, telling  fairy-tales to each other. To their great amazement, out of a certain story they got the inspiration to an incredible business project. To cut it short, this project made them both millionaires.

No, you won´t hear about these things in newspapers or TV. What universities and other impostors tell you is that success is only the outcome of hard work. Such a revolting lie. The truth is that all rich people I ever met, were original thinkers, and made their fortunes out of contact with something magic and initially unaccountable.

The equation is simple. Try to conquer a beautiful woman through reason and see what you get…Try to achieve something great through mere reason…Reason only means loss and failure, whereas contact with the deeper realities of life can open unexpected perspectives…

I choose the wealth of stories and their timeless wisdom…What about you?…