Unless you are able to smile, the world will not have peace

“If you turn the sorrow on, you are the sorrow. If you turn the smile on, you are the smile, and so on. Don’t let one channel dominate you all the time. You have the seed of everything in you, therefore we have to seize the situation in our hands. To recover our own sovereignty.”- Thich Nhat Hanh through Narelle Hanratty

I was actually pondering this earlier on this morning:

This deep-seated Sorrow every so often dominating and totally taking over me. Quashing me really. No matter how much one smiles in those fateful moments, it helps not.


It takes hard work, courage, skill and immense determination to seize the situation in your hands.To recover your sovereignty is to lucidly see through, disidentify from, and invalidate this ominous human legacy…



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