Communion is the greatest taboo

It’s safer to suffer, to be constantly miserable, lonely and depressed, than letting yourself be healed, understood, and in seamless and trusting relation with someone who sees and approves of you.

What in earthly terms is considered “relation” is in most cases a non-relation

To find therefore what real Relation is about requires immense courage:
Namely to interrupt all discursive thought. To break away from all known structure.


It’s about retrieving your child mind.
Undo it all!
Unword yourself.

Relation is a state of non-cognition.

They do everything to avoid their humanity

This is quite a striking insight which gradually dawns upon me.

That´s why there are almost no genuine relations left,
as most humans refuse to look inside themselves…

Indeed, how can they be in communion with the other,
when they refuse to have a true relation to themselves?…

We take manipulation for Love

Nobody tells you what is acceptable and what is not. We often stick with the unacceptable, manipulating and allowing ourselves to be manipulated, because we have no clue as to what means to be unconditionally seen and loved.

The fact is that we are afriad to be lonely. But if we are afriad to be lonely later on, it means of course that we are lonely now. That our precious longing is not presently met by the other.

Really: I don´t know if it´s worse to be lonely with someone, or be lonely being by yourself.

Surely the first…

Give up what you think you know, if you want to truly know

Your words brought to mind a statement by one of my favorite mentor:

For him to have understood me would have meant reorganizing his
thinking… giving up his intellectual ballast, and few people are willing
to risk such a radical move.
– Edward T. Hall

How few people grasp the difference between ‘description’ and ‘explanation’.

Eventually, the function of the intellect is to “protect” us from truly living.

When the intellect ceases, love arises…- love being the totality of life.
And where there is totality, true understanding of “the other” occurs

So that´s why most people are unwilling to risk such a radical move
as to giving up their intellectual ballast:

They are inconceivably afraid of Love, afraid of what true and direct
Understanding entails…

Are you living, or is your life being lived by default?

Here´s the deal:

As long as you don´t take the journey INTO your soul, into your very specific deepest core, where your true being is, along with your talent and vocation, you will live somebody else´s life.

Unless you plunge into yourself, you will fall constantly pray to other people´s whims
and fears, you will fall victim to others inflated image of themselves.

Unfortunately, that is a fact of life:

People love their superiority, even in cases where this appears to be different, people are in love with their own image. They are – as you might know – interested in themselves, and not in you.

That´s why true friendship and communion is nearly non-existent in our day: as
they never go inside of themselves, they all identify with the superficial layers of their
I-ness, feeling thus insecure and therefore trying their best to dominate you.

Love and true friendship can ONLY exist where there is courage to delve wholly into
one´s true nature.

So delve and befriend your true Self.

Great truth in this

The other side of anxiety is desire.
They exist in relationship to each other, not independently.

~ Mark Epstein

Experiencing, or being experienced?

That´s the question of no question.

A rather morbid game

Having consented to ingnore and forget
basic things about ourselves,
it doesn´t mean they are not there

Community today

We are together but each one is masturbating on his own.