If you have to choose between religion and compassion, please choose compassion

Courtesy of Gede Prama

A death-worshipping society


“It is not that our institutions and centers of power are religious in nature that is problematic. It is that they belong to a variety of religion that is
death-worshiping and whose underlying aim is to destroy everything living.
And, that its aims are hidden from many of us and even from its practitioners.”

Really, I can see with greatest clarity this so insidious feature in human nature that no one else seems to heed, except you: this secret wish to die, this eery longing for individual and collective suicide. Try to tell them that…

It is blatantly obvious that this is the most dominant characteristic: humanity has become a bunch of death-worshippers. Nothing more or less. They do everything in order to choke life, to render every natural life expression impossible. I was born in Romania and lived under that demonic communist system for 18 years, before I defected to Sweden in 1981. But fact of the matter is that this satanic regime back in the ´80s,  was nothing compared to the difficulty of living in this today-world.

The pressure of this treacherous death is worse than all the coercive methods used in Communism. It´s everywhere. Before you knew that Ceausescu and his acolytes were the “bad guys”, nowadays everyone you meet is a potential enemy, because every man is his own and Life´s enemy. They are all methodically chasing anything alive…There is no place to go, nothing to do, you are literally strangled.

Our present Zeitgeist is a very sinister form of cannibalism. Humanity actually cannibalizing on its own body.

You and me see that…Who else wants to see…? No one…

Why do they so adamantly refuse any argument?…I think they all deep down know this, but would never admit facts…

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Is there a way to It?…

Although I’m rather suspicious concerning Osho I like his saying:

“You have to create your own path to your own temple.”

You are right to be suspicious about Osho. He was a big trickster.

The thing is that

Unless we learn to “think paradoxically” we don´t get the Truth.

The Path is neither personal nor impersonal – and at the same time it is both.

So how can something which is not “personal” be turned into “my own”…?

As long as you state “this is mine” you create differentiation, that is, conflict.

The path is nameless, the temple exists and exists not.

So is there a way to something which has no existence?…

The Quest Beyond Mind

One thing is highly obvious:

We are the slaves of our mind. The slaves of our conditioning. Mind as such is
our very conditioning, mind intrinsically meaning separation.

You cannot possibly solve any of your problems, as what we call “solution” creates and even enhances the already existent inward conflict, as conditioning cannot work upon itself.

Can you see that your Mind itself is the problem maker?… 

Mind cannot see anything clearly, as mind is fragmentation – whatever it considers,
is its constant projection. The essence of mind is thus illusory, it is by definition totally out of touch with reality.

This applies both individually and collectively.

When a number of deluded minds create at some point a certain reality-pattern,
this becomes in due time  “unquestionable”: tradition, law, belief and morality systems, religion and all kinds of must-s, and this – from the beginning – arbitrary deception, is invariably played out and imposed on you.

This is your very legacy transmitted through generations through your mother´s milk, and this heritage lies very deeply in your subconscious.

Being your identity, it is therefore an inhumanly arduous task to impartially see this immemorial conditioning as a vicious legacy, and eventually let go of it.

Only when mind stops, Reality makes itself known to you in its unadulterated splendour.

Presently, there are no longer any real enlightened masters on this planet to guide
you through and out of 
this vicious labyrinth.

You are on your own. Groping in the dark. The only help you can get in this quest, is your Inner Voice and certain initiatory sagas and myths. 

They will come your way, if you have the guts to initiate this process of finding
your true nature.

None of the existing “prophets” of today will tell you, but know that you will face innumerable ordeals along this journey, as archetypes and these inner energetic patterns have an autonomous existence, and they do everything in order to
sabotage and prevent you from your purpose.

Yes, this is the pathless path…

Only the courageous will make it.

The Real Story – Our Transcendent Immanence…

Every story is an inseparable part of another story.

So the most ardent question is – at what point do you begin and end
the specific story…?

Where…? When?…

And above all:


A profound question.

You make me think of the idea of history as “objective” recounting of what happened
– a patent illusion, of course. One reason it is an illusion is that even if we pretend that we can now know what happened before, which we actually cannot do, the place where we begin and the place we end dramatically affect the story’s meaning.

Stories, I believe, are always a way of expressing a moral posture, a distortion of the past for the purpose of making a point about the present.

I’ve been away, emotionally, for quite a while. Back now. Came by here, of course, and as always I see the evidence of your mind at work. “Fascinating” is too small a word to describe what you create here.

So good to hear from you.

Thank you for your heartfelt feedback. Your words are a vivid proof that I don´t write in vain, as I many times fear…

You say you´ve been emotionally away.
It´s been a harsh time. No worldly method seems to bring the healing and relief we so much crave for.


Who recounts of what happened – the victorious or the defeated?…
Who is the one, and who´s the other?…

Are there any victors in this world really…?

For sure…

If the immemorial “Story” goes on…we won´t…

I guess we have to get back to the story of no story, if we want to retrieve
The Real Story – our Transcendent Immanence…

It alone will heal us…

Separation versus enlightenment

Ego´s greatest success would be if he ceased to exist… – as Ego.
As Separation.

Ego´s greatest failure – its death, is the glorious beginning of Enlightenment.


Loneliness, suffering and the secret of healing

Ann Joseph commenting a post of mine:

Loneliness and emotional issues of us is quite an old concept. Being a folklorist, I have seen evidence of loneliness in proverbs & folklore from several cultures. One Yiddish proverb on loneliness I want to quote here, is “When an orphan suffers, no one notices; when he rejoices, the whole world sees it.” from my site http://cuteproverbs.com/proverbs-by-topic/loneliness-quotes/.

I guess one thing poorly understood is the difference between Loneliness and Solitude. In the former the person is not comfortable with the self but in Solitude, he is in perfect harmony with the self. Isn’t it? Once we learned this difference through experience, he is capable of handling hard times ahead.


It´s very hard to put this in few words, I could go on forever what loneliness entails.

To be concise, Loneliness is basically Absence, isn´t it? Loneliness is to be estranged from Self – that´s for sure.

Since this present Culture is basically the outcome of this estrangement, it is natural that our parents and tutors have raised us in this absence.

Our civilization is a civilization of orphans really, let´s face it.

“When an orphan suffers, no one notices”. No one notices cause everybody suffers,
that´s why people are deaf to each other´s suffering. Most humans think that life is about suffering, despite their refusal to admit it.

As suffering is the issue, very few – if any – come “to rejoice”, that is, to heal themselves from this inner torment.

The one who rejoices, is the one who consciously takes the road “back” to Self,
consciously going through all levels of personal and collective suffering,
facing man´s worst nightmarish drama – Separation – going through and beyond it, into primordial Unity with Self.

Reuniting with Self is restoring Life to its original aspect, it is Healing,
and this “rejoicing” – the real Solitude with Self – will therefore be heard by everybody, as everybody secretly wants to heal.

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Contemplation – a new perspective

I wish I could write the way I breath. Naturally, with no thought,

with no further analyzing.

At the end of the day, analysis means to fight against life.

To analyse is constantly reinforcing duality. To analyse is to create distance between
yourself and “the other”.

Unhappiness comes from too much analysis – trust me on that.

Unhappiness is distance. And distance breeds loneliness, distance breeds isolation.
Isolation is ultimately Sorrow – as simple as that.

Nothing in life is isolated, as Life is implicit relation. We have to put a stop
to living “explicitly.”

So, instead of analysing things, let´s try another approach:


Etymologically, to contemplate means to create a temple, or a sanctuary together.

So contemplation means that I see you without judgement.
To contemplate is to become “the other”.

Contemplation is Being – that is, intrinsically and thoughtlessly
recognizing yourself, in the other.

Contemplation is basically Love, as to contemplate means to embrace and
nourish yourself and the moment.

Contemplation is “here” with no “there”, as There exists implicit within Here.

To contemplate is the beginning of togetherness. Yes, the creation
of a new space within us.

So let´s contemplate each other for a change!…


Where can you go and find Tao not to exist?

Where can you go and find that Words cannot be proved?

The Tao is obscured by our inadequate understanding
and words are obscured by flowery expressions.

A quote for today

Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.
-Margaret Shephard