Ars long, vita brevis

Isn´t it funny?

We are all in a constant frenzy to get things done. The quicker the better, we most often think…

Yet, there are things which cannot be rushed. Jan Van Eyck is said to have worked
with a portrait for 24 years till he finally considered it ready. Isn´t it overwhelming?…A lifetime.

I have a similar story. I started playing this partita in B-flat major by J.S. Bach sometime
when I was studying at the Music Academy.

It may seem outrageous, but first now, this piece is beginning to come along.
Not that the tones weren´t there before. It was something else missing:

You can work with tones, but how on earth do you work with the silence creating the tone…?

The “invisible” structure of this composition has given me enormous trouble,
I needed this long amount of “time” to render it accurately…Imagine that – 25 years for
a piece to sound right!

I played today in a recital, it is still not the way I want it to be, but it´s finally forthcoming.
Both me and the audience felt that unobtrusive crystalline joy and charming clarity, –  such an immense celebration. A whole life in a quarter of an hour…

Sometimes this feels true:

Ars long, vita brevis – art is long, life too brief.