What in earthly terms is considered “relation” is in most cases a non-relation

To find therefore what real Relation is about requires immense courage:
Namely to interrupt all discursive thought. To break away from all known structure.


It’s about retrieving your child mind.
Undo it all!
Unword yourself.

Relation is a state of non-cognition.

Un-live and un-learn

The old saying “Live and learn” is probably good.
The opposite though – un-live and un-learn – is equally essential, if not, more essential.

In order to learn something new, we have to realize the necessity of letting go of the known.

Sometimes we come to a point – as I have done lately – where we have to put a conscious stop to old conditionings…

The old personality stems from complexes which we have inherited since times immemorial, which call themselves “I”. It is not a pleasant process to let go of old reflexes and habits, as this is our identity so far…It can be quite an agonizing experience in fact…

Before renewal, the false personality with its complexes must die – which is a harsh thing to undergo, as this process is similar to an end, and it is quite similar to death.

Transformation is for sure the ending of certain age-old life-principles. Our “mundane” personality fears the unknown, it is quite obvious, our false ego doesn´t want to give in, wanting to continue its daft performance.

However, these blunt dissonances, – the legacy of our past – , have to be seen as the ego´s desperate attempt to inhibit change. We have to have the strength to recognize this as such, let it go and show are readiness to go along with the New, even if “new” doesn´t have a clear body… – yet…