The ultimate egoic fear – renunciation

To renounce and give up “everything” is about understanding that eventually there is no time, no becoming, nothing to get outwardly which is not inherently within, consequently, there is nothing one can get from “others”.

About renunciation

Jane says:

“What will we forsake?

I had to forsake my entire memory bank – the way I believed life should be, what should happen, and what my relationship to others is about. It was extraordinarily painful. I am still navigating the sea, with the set intention. I will not give up self inquiry.”


Fantastic metaphor of expressing the process of emptying the mind:

“I had to forsake my entire memory bank”, you say…

Forsaking the entire memory bank…that is painful indeed. Our so-called capital and sense of value comes from memory. Who are we without our conditioning from the past? To drop the past is almost dropping the sense of your identity… I feel that I can´t rely on anything I used to know, but have to learn everything from scratch, discovering everything in a totally different light.