Union with the Uncreated – healing from Thought and Separation

This is a very interesting dialogue between Michael. K. Marsh and me.

We must get away from the idea that death is God’s punishment. Death is a consequence of being created. The created as opposed to the un-created has a beginning and an end.

The healing of this condition is union with the uncreated. We do not have life in and of ourselves. To turn away from the work of union with the divine/uncreated is sin. Thus the wages of sin is death.

I think this fits with scripture and tradition about the two ways: life and death. Both are always before us.

I think there is a fear of death in human beings. It is a driver in our lives, the choices we make, the priorities we establish. The problem is we often deal with that fear through substitute gratifications. We settle for relief rather than healing.

The degree to which we are afraid of death is also the degree to which we are afraid to truly live.

The paradox is that to live we must die. I think it is the Sufis who say, “Die before you die.” I think this is what Jesus was getting at when he said, “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” It is the invitation to life, through union/thesis.

Living becomes an interior transformation which leaves us in the present moment. The present is the fullness of life, it is where the divine is located, it can become eternal. Too often we live in the past – “If only…,” regrets, wounds, resentment – or in a future we do not yet have. Both of those it seems to me are places of death.

God’s deepest longing is that we would live and live fully. St. Irenaeus said something like, “The glory of God is a many fully alive.”
I wonder sometimes if we have forgotten or confused what it is to be fully alive. I think there were be profound freedom in this – not autonomy to choose to do what every I want – but freedom to be, to be real, authentic, true – and in so doing to discover and know my own holiness and the original beauty of my creation. When we can see this in ourselves then we can see it in others.

I have to tell you that you have such a poignant and winsome way of writing. I feel the Silence, and the echo of your deep insights between your words.

There is both elegance but unsophisticated humbleness in your wording.

Yes, this is perfectly put:

Healing is Union with the Uncreated.

What is created is mostly under the supremacy of Fear. Hence, most people settle for relief, as, to reach Union you have to go through the hell of Separation, which means wrestling with Fear – an inhuman undertaking. Few – if any – have the courage to directly confront this daunting demon – as fear is a demon after all – take the battle, and not flee.

I love the way you put it:

“Too often we live in the past – `If only´…,”regrets, wounds, resentment – or in a future we do not yet have. Both of those it seems to me are places of death.”

Presence is well guarded by Fear.To come out alive from these places of Death requires great boldness and determination. To die before you die is the greatest challenge for anyone – that is, to give up the false ego. The ego is the outcome of Time, of Thought…indeed the “me” identity which is so treacherously opposed to God…- to who we really are…

I have these days won incredible battles. And these battles have taken place on these invisible levels – which are incredibly “real”. In fact, more real than the “real”. To give up the thought-made identity…I tell you… – it is not less than a heroic act of courage as I come to understand that Thought is the total antinomy of Life…Thought is the greatest barrier to know God, in fact, ultimately speaking, I see thinking as the worst disease invented by man, in order to defend himself from Life.

Thought, which is psychological Time, keeps us away from the Divine.

Thought can never be free. As long as we reinforce thinking, we choose thus to be unfree.

If we are to be real, authentic, true – and thus to discover and know our own holiness and the original beauty of creation, we have to give up “mine” – that is, the false “I-identity” which is built on thought! Thought is “my will” as radically opposed to the will of the Creator.

Thought breeds and perpetrates Separation. 

First when we are relieved from the curse of thinking, can we see the purity in ourselves as well as in others.


A meaningful dialogue about thinking, resentment and pain

She writes:
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and everything you’ve said to me thus far. You’re very weird. In a good way – big grin. But I wonder sometimes whether thinking too deeply about “the point of it all” is what is in the way of just being. Have you noticed the people who go through life selfishly, without a care for those around them seem quite content? Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions, without continuously beating myself up about my past. If it isn’t something I can change there is no point is there? And yet, my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent. How does one let go of all this bitterness? Be free of all the resentment and pain?

Forgive me for my ramblings, I do not of course expect you to have all the answers (then you’d be God) just wondering out loud.

For the record, people who are selfish are the victims of their fear, and basically they don´t care for others, because they have no clue to what Love is…They play so, but they are never content, it´s just a superficial mask.

So I forgive you for your ramblings, because you happen to ramble interestingly 🙂
I don´t have all the answers, or do I…? 🙂 I may be God and don´t know it yet…

No, but really, I have “answers”, and the applying of these answers on myself,
have brought about this incredible process of deep transformation I am unfolding.

Here is the deal:

“Thinking” can never be “deep”. Simply because thinking is a mechanical repetition of the past through the never-ending sequence of memory. A constant reiteration of different experiences, reinforced through “remembrance”.

Thinking can only happen in time. And time and memory can never grasp the timeless. Can you see that…?

Now…If you are caught in thinking – that is, in time – whatever change you try to bring about will fail. No matter whatever “new” you will apply yourself to, you will continue with the same pattern in a different guise. That is what you say with “my trips down memory lane grow frequent, without my consent.”

The conditioning has you in its grip.

With other words, your past is stronger than your true sense of I-ness. But who you really are, is not a sum of your experiences.

“How does one let go of all this bitterness?”

Bitterness is your resistance to What is. Life consists of sorrow too, and at some point, you need to unreservedly meet your sorrow without any judgement. Trying to be free of “your dark side” doesn´t rid you of pain. You cannot be free of your resentment, unless you deliberately choose to stop fleeing your pain.

So delve…In plain langauge, learn to stay with What is, without any choice.
That´s a hard one, since we are masters in running away from ourselves.

“Sometimes I wish I could function without fear of the consequences of my actions,
without continuously beating myself up about my past.”

Psychological fear can exist only where there is division. Fear is the space between two thoughts, a gap between different aspects which your perception makes up.

Only you may know what “the consequences” would be, but if you want different consequences, you have to stop beating up yourself, that is, stop punishing yourself, or whoever you may think responsible for your plight, becoming aware of your secret wish to take revenge…

Hope my words mirror something meaningful in you 😉


Live NOW whatever the moment gives you, cause whenever you postpone Life, it will turn into resentment and misfortune !!!