Why living in ease when we can make it difficult?

Let´s keep it hard and troublesome, cause it would be a terrible blow to admit that
Life is a seamless flow of no resistance.

A question to you all

Isn´t it so that we live either “earlier” or “later”? Isn´t this our daily predicament?

Indeed, we live in a constant state of avoiding, fighting  the Moment…how can we be free in such an attitude of invariable resistance?

How can we know something for real, when instead of having a right relation with Now, we do everything to escape this very moment?

The civilization as we know it, is nothing but an inane attempt to outwit Now.  A meaningless, futile fight with life…

This absurd struggle with life means illness – yes, psychic and physical ailment.

We take this crazy affliction for life. We persevere and distort every natural expression. We are deeply unhappy, living in constant frustration and jaundice, but no…we are too proud to realize our madness.

Indeed, let´s blame the economy, the climate, fate and governments! Tell people that their very life is a mess and a terrific existential Crisis, and you will be considered mad or utterly obnoxious.

Everybody sees but plays blind…So…what is to be done…? How do we deal with this present state of perfidiously chosen falsehood?

What blocks us?

Change cannot come when the mind dwells in resistance. Because resistance is stagnation.

What are you resisting?…

The energy of Creation creates with and through us, if we permit it… if our vessels are empty – but mostly they are not, due to whatever reasons.

What blocks us?…

When we are in touch with essence, means is secondary.
The renewed contact with Source, drive us forward, and ideas and “know-how” come easily as we proceed.