The secret behind all successful skill

They all spoke about skill and hard work…No music teacher at The Academy or elsewhere, ever told me the most essential secret:

Namely that Music  – or any other successful undertaking – derives naturally from Your Inner State. From inner ease, balance, and clarity. And above all, from unwavering Peace.

If you´re unwell and your perception is disharmonious, irrespective of how much perfected skill and practice, the result will be null.

Erroneous perception – wrong outcome

If your apprehension is sick,
whatever you do is diseased.

It’s not your Action, but your
perception needing correction.

Unless your perception is clear-cut

…everything you will undertake will be fruitless.

And inconsequential…

Wrong perception makes no music

Accept that you can’t let go of your ego


There was so much presence in me today, it felt more free, more spacious. Observed a few belief thoughts being loosened….and this is just the tiny beginning.

Such a good reminder…I wish though the Ego would let go of me instead. 😛

This uncanny fiddling master.

No but really, this mad separated entity´s sole function is to obfuscate me from ME. In plain English, it blurs my clear presence, my right perception, my well-being, in fact, my everything…

So how can you not want to rid yourself of this ghoul? – cause that´s what
it ultimately is…

“A few belief thoughts being loosened”…- how this sounds truly relieving.

I am thrilled to hear about your state of mind today. Better put, state of “soul”…:) Most assuredly, when that blessed spaciousness is present, Right Mind is present – to put it that way…Freedom to see, act, get it all blessedly right…

This beginning is worth celebrating.

May it all be a constant beginning with no end!

Who is the observer?

Isn´t it strange?… Is it possible to observe the present moment, with a totally unbiased frame of mind?…

The moment we see something, observe something…- it feels as if it´s not we observing, but our past with its notions, habits, preferences.

Who is the observed? And who´s actually this observer? Do we know anything about him?

As this observer abides in the past, being the result of our experience and conditioning, how can we ever rely on his perception?

My question is:

Is there a way to grasp this very Now without memory, without thought and preconception?