Listening to how the grass grows…

A death-worshipping society


“It is not that our institutions and centers of power are religious in nature that is problematic. It is that they belong to a variety of religion that is
death-worshiping and whose underlying aim is to destroy everything living.
And, that its aims are hidden from many of us and even from its practitioners.”

Really, I can see with greatest clarity this so insidious feature in human nature that no one else seems to heed, except you: this secret wish to die, this eery longing for individual and collective suicide. Try to tell them that…

It is blatantly obvious that this is the most dominant characteristic: humanity has become a bunch of death-worshippers. Nothing more or less. They do everything in order to choke life, to render every natural life expression impossible. I was born in Romania and lived under that demonic communist system for 18 years, before I defected to Sweden in 1981. But fact of the matter is that this satanic regime back in the ´80s,  was nothing compared to the difficulty of living in this today-world.

The pressure of this treacherous death is worse than all the coercive methods used in Communism. It´s everywhere. Before you knew that Ceausescu and his acolytes were the “bad guys”, nowadays everyone you meet is a potential enemy, because every man is his own and Life´s enemy. They are all methodically chasing anything alive…There is no place to go, nothing to do, you are literally strangled.

Our present Zeitgeist is a very sinister form of cannibalism. Humanity actually cannibalizing on its own body.

You and me see that…Who else wants to see…? No one…

Why do they so adamantly refuse any argument?…I think they all deep down know this, but would never admit facts…

I strongly recommend Antonio`s post:

A surreal hoax…

I just had my mother on the phone, she was kind of sad.
She had just returned from the burial of one of her lady friends` husband,
who had died from a sudden heart attack, just 56 years old.
The poor widow was devastated.

Some 10 minutes later, Tudor – a friend from Romania, was writing to me on
Yahoo Messenger. 

– I am rather upset, he said.
– Why is that…? I replied
– Well, he went on, you know my friend Irinel just had a menage a trois with
two gorgeous girls, and that bastard didn´t call me to partake, he just kept
the girls to himself…

That´s the way it goes: one dies, the other is devastated, another has a great
threesome, while the other is envious. Some are feasting, other mourn.

That´s the ongoing drama – some fuck, others fuck off.

Sometimes you kind of wonder if Life is not some kind of cosmic circus.

Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”
as Mr. Shakespeare very well put it…

A surreal hoax, after all…which is not supposed to be taken all too seriously.

Christmas carols and an encounter with “Fred Flintstone”

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier tonight I went to a concert of Christmas carols at the Romanian Athenaeum.
I was moved. The conductor and the orchestra managed to render these well-known melodies
as if they were played for the very first time. Enchanting.

Afterwards I was invited by the soloist to a great dinner at a fancy restaurant outside Bucharest.

In front of me at the table, there was this Romanian guy. He was tall and big,
a robust down-to-earth man, slightly reminding of Fred Flintstone.
He was enjoying his giant T-bone steak. 🙂

He emanated massive inner force – indeed, a very strong presence.
You could sense he was loaded. I kind of liked him. He was not the sort of fussy “nouveau riche”.
He spoke most naturally and with great ease about his trips to Africa in his private jet,
about having a Hungarian cook with him everywhere he went – what a blessing,
imagine to have a cook of your own… – about
having I don’t know how many residences in different parts of the world.
This kind of life-style seemed to him the most natural way of living.

The money I made is the secondary effect of having followed my bliss doing what I love.”

If I said this, you most likely wouldn’t believe me, as I am not a billionaire.
This unusual man was. Not only rich but generous too – he paid the bill
for everybody.

If not me, you may want to believe him as to the rightness of following your dream.

Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, Romania

Romanian Athenaeum

Who cares to listen…?

This is a fragment from an earlier post:

Once, travelling by train in Romania, I met a shepherd. A down to earth but very astute man.
He told me that he once was in the mountains with his sheep and dogs.
Two colleagues of his were there too with their flock. Out of the blue a roaring
helicopter noise came from the other side of the mountain.
It created such a panic among the sheep, so they started running berserk all over that mountain plateau.

Instantly, all the other sheep were hysterically following the poor animal towards the abyss.
These three men and their dogs were desperately trying to prevent the flock from what
seemed an unstoppable disaster. They managed in the end to save just a one-third of the sheep.


The analogy is undoubtedly quite clear here, isn´t it…? It is exactly what happens in the human realm:
Millions of sightless people are hysterically heading towards a dire fate, and yet they don´t see it…


I can´t pretend I am shepherd – there was one before me who called himself that -,
but if I am to save anyone, I think I HAVE TO LEARN TO BARK.

The dead cannot resurrect

We call ourselves modern, yet our outlook on life is terribly outdated and obtuse.

The only conviction I hold is that our beliefs and viewpoints must be under
constant questioning, and regularly and sanely contested – when it is required.
It is all about having a minimum of intelligence and common-sense.

We are aptly obliged to adapt to the current living conditions – that´s quite evident for
every lucid person.

I’ve always been a proponent of change. Now the question is:

If the Zeitgeist is diseased, indeed, if man and the whole present society is utterly insane, seemingly and irrevocably disturbed, WHAT DO YOU DO?…

If everybody is mad and considers right to be mad, uncritically merging into prevalent Stupidity and general Disease, bluntly and narrow-mindedly disregarding common sense and conspicuous evidence as to the real state of affairs, does it mean that I have to adapt too to this manifest folly, embracing and taking it for real? 

If everybody is a cowardly moron and considers right to be a moron, do I have to be one in order to fit in and be accepted?…

What do you do when millions of people, states and nations are head over heels heading to perdition, stubbornly refusing to see, dismissing obvious fact…?

I will illustrate my point with an uncommon story:

Once, travelling by train in Romania, I met a shepherd. A down to earth but very astute man. He told me that he once was in the mountains with his sheep and dogs. Two colleagues of his were there too with their flock. Out of the blue a roaring helicopter noise came from the other side of the mountain. It created such a panic among the sheep, so they started running berserk all over that mountain plateau.


Instantly, all the other sheep were hysterically following the poor animal towards the abyss!

The three men and their dogs were desperately trying to prevent the flock from what seemed an unstoppable disaster. They managed in the end to save just a one-third of the sheep. Imagine that:


The analogy is undoubtedly quite clear here, isn´t it…? It is exactly what happens in the human realm:
Millions of people are hysterically heading towards a dire fate, and yet they don´t see it…

I may be a misfit but not a liar: Without intervention from God´s grace or higher powers,

Man is on the verge of total ruin. Psychologically speaking, humanity is dilapidated.
Healing doesn´t happen overnight. It takes generations. Nature doesn´t take sudden leaps.

I SEE IT ALL QUITE LUCIDLY and I am not “pessimistic” when I say this:

Average man is sick beyond salvation. No matter how much drugs you inflate in someone about to die, you come to the point where you comprehend that the best thing is to let him die. We may try, but we cannot resurrect the dead.

Maybe it is so, that humanity secretly wants to perish, otherwise more people would wake up, sincerely and decidedly change the course and deliberately choose another way. Besides inane redundancy and good-sounding but empty phrases, I can´t see any real signs pointing to that.


What can I say as a final word for now…?

May God stand alongside with the vivid ones!

We are different, but nonetheless worthy of love…

Let us learn to appreciate our differences. Let us learn from each other, instead of forcing the other
resemble us. Enjoy the difference between the other and you.

Who are you to want to change the other…?
Why should the other be permitted to change you?
Why should I be like you, why should you be like me…?

Let´s learn to listen instead of fighting one another!
Let us accept that there is no one else like you and me. We are different, but nonetheless worthy of love…

Citeva rinduri pentru Adina

Toata drama de zi cu zi, cu toate frictiunile si conflictele ei aferente, este indubitabil, reala. Este “reala” pentru ca suntem cu totu´prinsi in ea. Suntem personajele si victimele povestii noastre individual-colective.
Suntem asa de identificati cu povestea asta nebuneasca, ii acordam toata atentia noastra nerezervata, incit nu suntem capabili sa vedem dincolo de perceptia noastra conditionata.

Noi suntem perceptia asta conditionata, asta credem si ALEGEM SA CREDEM.

Ei bine, lupta asta dementa cu toti si toate – repet, aparent unica si “reala” noastra realitate cotidiana, nu e decit perceptia conditionarii noastre… o iluzie…nimic altceva.

Stiu ca e greu si dureros ce zic, mai ales ca noi ne-am investit total in iluzia asta. Ca apa pentru peste, Iluzia este insasi Aerul pe care il respiram.

Daca vezi si intelegi asta, ei bine, insasi intelegerea acestui fapt te eliberaza.

Cind Iluzia e vazuta ca iluzie, in acel moment inefabil Viata adevarata – adica secunda asta neutrala care pulseaza acum, Tu-ul tau adevarat incepe sa ti se reveleze. Pur si simplu il vei simti.

Desidentificarea de iluzie va aduce initial frustrare si un vid teribil, dar daca nu renunti, curind vei cunoaste acea multumire si pace interioara care este Eu-l sau Tu-ul atemporal si adevarat.

Asta e singura si adevarata realitate, acest EU inexprimabil in cuvinte… Ca sa cunosti adevarata natura a acestui EU, nu trebuie sa fi nici calugar nici ascet…pur si simplu trebuie sa ai curajul si dorinta de a intelege iluzia ca fiind iluzie…

A mind-blowing synchronicity

I have a cousin, and unlike two other cousins from my mother´s side, we never had any real contact.
Her daughter, G. found me on Facebook some time ago, and apart from changing some kind of empty pleasantries we don´t really have much in common.

This girl looks like she has descended from a painting by Vermeer: she is tall, blonde, feminine, but kind of “odd-looking” – she doesn´t in the least have any common features, although you can´t deny her being attractive: her skin is rather pale, her nose subtly elongated, her eyes are light blue and ethereal, she never uses lipstick yet she has incredibly sensuous red lips. Like I said – a girl from another age. A girl whose looks are anything but mundane.

It was last week, Friday evening. It was raining, I was waiting for the bus. As usually, I was observing
the passersby. At one point I saw a young girl and I was totally taken aback…it was G. What on earth was she doing in Stockholm? I wanted to call her by name, but… when I looked closer, it was a girl looking strikingly like her…if our double exist, than that girl was G.´s doppelganger. Unbelievable resemblance…

Highly weird…It was some kind of sign with this – I just couldn´t figure it out what…

The day after, my friend Radu a 27-year-old friend of mine from Romania calls me. “Julien, do you have
a niece, blonde, very good-looking with blue eyes?” G. was fitting exactly into his description.

As life is unpredictable I thought he might have met her somewhere by chance. “Yes, I have” I answered him  “G. the daughter of my cousin. What – did you bump into each other or so…?”

That´s strange” he went on. “Last night I DREAMED YOU INTRODUCED ME TO YOUR NIECE, and she was a gorgeous girl with blue eyes…In the dream it felt as if I was together with her.”

I was speechless…Is this mind-blowing or what…? It starts with me seeing a girl strinkingly ressembling G. with whom I have no real contact, and the day after Radu dreams about her…?

What are the chances that such an unlikely amazing serendipity like this to happen…?

I chatted with G. the same day telling her about this uncommon episode with the doppelganger and Radu´s dream of her. I suggested to her, that this is A Destiny Call for her, that Radu might be maybe someone she would like to meet.

“Oh, but I have already a boy-friend”, she said with a rather condescending and priggish tone.

She admitted that this episode was strikingly unusual, but she totally failed to see the beauty and unlikeliness of it…Really – it was outrageous…She was not even slightly curious to see Radu although he is in my friend list on Facebook.

How can you be so stupid, dull and insensitive to ignore and bluntly refuse such a blessed synchronicity…?

In Chevalier's fictional account, the characte...

In Chevalier’s fictional account, the character Griet is the model for Vermeer’s painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)synchronicity?  It might be so…that Radu could have been the love of her life…

She might realize later on in life that she can have missed the train to Happiness.

Who knows…?

Indeed, it is my duty to speak up

This is a highly important dialogue about the fact that the Nobel Prise committee has decided to assign the Peace Prise to European Union.

Richard: Well, you surely got the right to get upset with this. But it’s not your duty.

Me: Who´s duty is it?
To assign the Peace Prise to an idea is insanity,
and when this idea is also bankrupt – well – this is serious business, don´t you think…?

Richard: It’s nobody’s duty. It’s only your Ego which is outflanking you to make a statement in order to proof your being.
I don’t care about this assignment because you will find as many arguments
pro as contra …. if you really investigate it. And it is part of politics – who would claim that politics are logical?

Me: Nobody´s duty?…What kind of reasoning is this? Because politics is illogical, and also due to the fact that people don´t really care, do I have to shut up as well…? It happened before: people didn´t bother, failing to consider blatant facts, so by their tacit consent, they made possible for dictators like Hitler, Stalin, and other evil lunatics to come to power.

Are we supposed to lay back and swallow outrage?… I consider it is my duty to speak out, as I find this very serious. Why should I waste my time on things that have no consequence? I have no wish whatsoever to make a statement in order to proof anything. When it comes to this specific assignment, I don´t find any arguments pro or contra…
This decision IS utterly stupid – and what´s more – very dangerous in the long run.

As I already pointed out, it enhances and justifies a bankrupt idea, in the detriment of the human element. If they had given the price TO A CERTAIN PERSON, I would have kept my mouth shut.

Why is it dangerous? Because dissociating idea from the human element is the beginning of evil… When the idea is more important than Man himself, it means that human beings are arbitrarily reduced to easily removable and dispensable entities, as only The Idea counts. “We are the leaders, we have the Right Ideas so you better subordinate yourself to this.”

To make my point, I will just mention that nobody in the West cared about what happened at the referendum in Romania this summer when almost 9 million people!! voted against the president of the country, but European Union shamelessly called this
coup d´etat, totally ignoring more than half of the voting population, helping this highly corrupt and controversial impostor to remain at his post. Is this democracy to sustain an immoral crook of a president and his acolytes against the majority of people´s voice?

Is this something to be overlooked? I hardly think so…
It seems maybe as a far-fetched exaggeration, but nobody takes seriously the beginning of dictatorship before it becomes a fact.

Hitler and Stalin had also very strong beliefs, they were convinced of the power
and righteousness of their ideas  – so in their madness they found appropriate and justifiable to relentlessly kill millions of people.

To conclude:

Dissociating idea from the human element is the beginning of pure evil…When Idea is more important than Man, we are in big trouble.