Can we heal from depression?

She said:
“I am tired of feeling shit. I am tired of living in anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, a mess in my head.

I want to be happy. I want to live my life to the full! I only have one chance at this and I’m pushing 30 and I don’t want to be miserable on a daily basis.”

My answer:
I recognize your experience in mine.

I do not want in any way to indulge in vapid speculation.

Let´s just say that the very basis of depression is cleavage. A rupture in our soul.
An inner constant conflict which perpetuates itself through more conflict.

You are depressed, anxious, sad – it is a fact. On the other hand,
YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY. You want, of course, to live “your” life to the full.
You don´t want to be miserable on a daily basis.

And yet that´s what you are JUST NOW. Sad. Fearful.

Please, try to follow!

You see, if you try to be happy, that is, to be something that YOU ARE NOT JUST NOW, you do nothing but creating and enhancing even more your inward conflict.
Don´t you have enough conflict as it is…?

Can you see that by wanting “to become” something you for the time being are not,
you punish yourself…?
Again, how can we ever become something that we are not just now?
This is pure fiction, and yet, this is the societal fiction we have been conditioned by.

So stop punishing yourself, stop creating even more pain for yourself!
CHANGE COMES NATURALLY once you have learned to stay with What Is in
affectionate presence. You need to caress your wounds instead of flagellating yourself.

You need your own compassion and loving interest!

So be it!

Farwell Margareta

For the last days, I have been feeling a sort of unexplainable and uncalled-for sadness.
I just couldn´t justify this unsettling tremor. Yet I knew beyond doubt that this sorrow
wasn´t mine, but rather came from someone around me.

Tonight I found out the reason for my foreboding. My friend Eva called me,
telling me that her sister Margareta passed away earlier this evening.

I never knew Margareta well. My girlfriend used to visit her sometimes keeping her company.

Last time some two weeks ago, Larisa – my girlfriend – told me that Margareta
wasn´t well at all. She had been long diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.
Her general condition had distinctly worsened. It was obvious that the disease was in
an imminent stage.

And yet…

She seemed so at peace despite her obvious predicament. In Larisa´s words,

Soon after she was taken to the hospital – things weren´t looking too good for her.
We trusted though that she would soon recover and be back on her
feet – as it happened before.

But confessedly…tonight was her transition to the Mysterious Shore Beyond…

My friend Eva was so unspeakably sad…What is to be said in moments like this…?
Nothing…Silence is my only answer…

So Farewell Margareta… May your soul find The Way Home!

Thank you for reminding me that Fear is not our abode!

The solitude of the mirrorless

There is Joy which transcends all opposites, but there is also Sorrow with no counterpart.

Sometimes sorrow seizes you and it seems there is no way out of this unspeakable sadness. Yes, that sadness is echoless, it feels like a mute and inarticulate shadow whith no resonance.

Indeed, Sorrow is mirrorless. Who can hear you when sadness grabs your soul and you are swept into the realm of the Echoless, the land of no Mirrors…?

A great insight

There is sorrow in the world, we see it everywhere. We see sadness in our own lives too. But if we are wise, we should neither adhere nor walking away from sorrow.

This goes for everything: we should look unbiased at it all, the pleasant along with the unpleasant, see through, accept all fallacies of our limited knowledge, reconciling with the false, but in the meantime finding a different and wider unifying standpoint, which will naturally generate new applicable solutions.


Only the courageous ones who unreservedly dare contemplate their inner pain, sadness and emotional loss have something real to give.