Such baffling conundrum

Irrespective of your purely unselfish wish, and no matter how much you´re willing, it´s wasted time and energy to try to help and liberate “another”. It simply won´t work.

You are the whole of humanity, and in light of this truth, if you help yourself, you help everybody without even attempting to.

Puer eternus – no longer a choice

One “saves” oneself – and maybe even the world?…- only when one comes out of the prison of becoming and postponing, when one sees through the unreality of time, and therefore fully surrendering to and committing oneself to the utter hopelessness and inescapable pain of “what is”…

We are powerless when we dream ourselves away, and God-like when we unreservedly and boldly embrace the monstrous ugliness and overwhelming beauty of our human predicament.

You cannot save the world

You can only save yourself – that is, get to know yourself. And in the light of your
Self-knowledge, who knows…? You might even save the world.